This Week @ Al Dente

This was probably Al Dente’s busiest week in terms of posting. It was certainly our highest traffic week, assuming that all of the clicks that WordPress tracks are more than just me.

  • I wrapped up my lengthy series on kitchen essentials with the tools I think you need.
  • My sister and her co-worker embarked on week two of their cooking club, preparing spaghetti carbonara.
  • The Olive Garden is a complete and total fraud. And that seems to bother no one.
  • Tuesday night, The Wife and I dined on pasta with goat cheese, chicken and mushrooms.
  • The Weight Loss Story continued with The Baby being born and me not gorging on pizza to cope. I also added a second appendix, recounting a week of takeout gluttony that resulted in a new snugness to some of my pants.

Thanks for your support of Al Dente and I hope you have a happy Easter/had a happy Passover. In the spirit of this Christian/Pagan holiday, I offer one of my favorite ad campaigns of all time:


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