Link Dump: 5.1.11

Al Dente is back after a week away from the controls. There was no real good reason for the lapse; I just needed a little break. That will happen from time to time. We’re back on target for a busy week here on the blog and in the kitchen. So, while you’re waiting for my next post check out some of these links:

Clark’s Ale House to reopen (
This was great news for beer lovers like me. Clark’s eclectic menu of beers run the gamut from a $2 Genny Cream Ale to microbrews and imports from across the country. It lost its lease when the renno of the Landmark Theatre started and this news brought tears to more than a few eyes.

Chain Reaction: We Order a Domino’s 10-Topping Pizza (Serious Eats)
They went with Salami, jalapeños, roasted red peppers, bacon, onion, Italian sausage, olives, Philly steak, banana peppers, and mushrooms. You know what the best Domino’s Pizza topping would be? Another place’s pizza.

The Kitchn‘s Top 10 Tips for More Successful Baking
“6. Baking Soda vs. Baking Powder – For anyone who’s ever run out of one and been tempted to substitute the other.”

The Toughest Jobs in Food (WSJ)
“While not as prized as French and Italian truffles, Oregon produces white truffles that grow in the forests under Douglas fir trees. There’s no way to farm these truffles. You have to hunt for them in the wild. You literally crawl in the dank, damp forest trying to find disturbances in the duff where animals may have been rooting around. When you find one, it’s like striking oil and you just want keep going.”


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