The Weight Loss Story: Appendix B

Its for the best that Chipotle is clear across town from The House.

“Enjoy it. We’ve eaten like shit this week and we’re going back on the wagon next week.”

In the pantheon of lines that The Wife utters with regularity, this one ranks in the Top 10. I heard this when I arrived home Thursday night with a bag of Chipotle takeout that included three bags of chips.

As mentioned in a previous post from the week, takeout reined supreme due to a stomach bug that took The Baby by storm. Monday was the only night of the week that I actually cooked. Sunday was leftover spaghetti parm. Monday, the first day of the bug, I made soba noodles with stir-fried beef. No photos or recipe, namely because I was cooking for speed. The baby had started vomiting with regularity the previous evening, so dinner needed to be cooked and consumed with efficiency in order to tend to our barfing 10-month-old.

Tuesday began the parade of takeout splendor. The Baby’s 2 a.m. vomitsplosion led to tired parents and a quart of delightful takeout shrimp bisque from Wegmans. Wednesday begat a trip to the pediatrician, thanks to the previous evening’s 11 p.m. barfing jag. It also featured Five Guys Burgers and Fries. Thursday was a math equation: Horrific day at work + late day trip to East Syracuse to pick up the car from being serviced = Burrito bowls and chips from Chipotle. Last night? Progresso Soup, as The Baby’s stomach bug gave way to The Wife’s pre-spring break head cold/sinus infection.

Eating healthy, or even better, takes work and it’s very easy to let roadblocks with kids or spouses lead to bad, or at the very least questionable, choices for dinner. You see it between 5-7 p.m. at every McDonald’s or Burger King drive-through lane. Mothers in minivans or oversized SUVs, running children from school, practice, rehearsal, or home to the other. (I always find it ironic that people  insist that their children take part in soccer, baseball, hockey or (groan) lacrosse for the physical activity, then pump them full of transfat and high fructose corn syrup afterwards. Why not just skip both and make the kid read a book?)

It’s even worse when you can justify a bad choice. Me? I can rationalize everything with enough time. Thursday, for instance, was such a disaster of a day that I never got around to eating lunch. (Lunch time is rarely anything sexier than a Clif bar, stack of multigrain saltines and some animal crackers, but on that day it was nonexistent.) I ordered that third 570-calorie bag of chips to split with The Wife was easily justified. So was the fourth bag that I received by accident and devoured on the 20-minute ride across town.

This week was about letting the roadblocks justify bad choices, which never ends well. Witness:

Tuesday — Wegmans Shrimp Bisque = Approximately 350 calories and 18 grams of fat. From soup.
Wednesday — Five Guys Burgers and Fries: Regular cheeseburger (with mayo) and half of a large order of fries = 1,672 calories, 101 grams of fat.
Thursday — Chipotle: Carnitas burrito bowl with cheese and, for argument, two bags of chips = 1,940 calories, 85.5 grams of fat.

And how can I justify that jag of destructive eating? In hindsight, I can’t. It’s completely indefensible. It goes against everything I’ve been writing about in The Weight Loss Story and every dollar I spent with the weight loss program.

But, I can rationalize it. That’s the bigger problem. This week is about getting back on The Wagon. Last week? Well, I’ll let Jeff Goldblum explain it:

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