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Grocery List: December 22, 2013

photoThe Sister and I are having a discussion about whether Paul Walker is really dead, or alive and in hiding. The Kid just took a header off her bed and landed head first. This after a Saturday where The Sister blew a tire on I-80, The Kid was absolutely bratastic, and The Wife and I forgot to eat dinner.

It’s Christmas.

I spent an hour on Saturday at Wegmans John Glenn looking for a list of items that were out of stock. The produce department looked like it had not been stocked in days. And it was “Take Your Ill-Behaved Child to Wegmans Day” in Liverpool.

It’s Christmas.

There’s more bacon in my house than one man should have. Three empty beer growlers are on my counter, while two full gallons are waiting in the basement to be emptied and refilled.

It’s Christmas!!

The Father, who lives in Cape Vincent, emailed The Sister to tell her that he was having an ice storm and to be careful while driving. The Sister took that to mean that there would be ice along every mile of highway from Long Island to Syracuse. In the age of smartphones and the Internet, no one thought to actually look at what her transit situation would be.

It’s Christmas.

The GEICO roadside person, Brianna, who I called for The Sister was awesome. She arranged the tow, called the tire place to make sure they had inventory and asked them to hold the store open for her, and talked The Sister out of a nervous breakdown.

It’s Christmas!

And I’m heading to Wegmans and Target on December 22. I am overflowing with angst and already clenching my jaw at the prospect of the crowd. Why?

Because it’s Christmas.


I whine, but The Sister is home safely, The Kid is back to running around and The Wife is back in off the ledge. I’ll have more Christmas Movies That Don’t Suck, a restaurant review and some other goodies this week. Until then, enjoy your Sunday.


Grocery List: December 15, 2013

tenderloinSo, I love Wegmans. The genius shown in their products and services is something to behold. For instance, this year the price of whole beef tenderloins in the Syracuse area is $12.99 per pound. I was going to do this for Christmas day dinner, but I’m leaning towards a cheaper sirloin roast instead. I digress. So for $12.99/lb., you can buy a roast that you have to trim (which you probably shouldn’t do since there is no other fat on the roast) and tie. OR you can lay out $8 more a pound for them to do it.

The Wife points out that the people who are going to spend that kind of money would never get their hands dirty in the first place. I believe that the people who can’t do that on their own will likely mangle this roast by cooking it to a bone-dry medium-well, because these are the people who would never eat raw (read: rare) meat.

Photo Dec 15, 9 23 25 AMSo, these people deserve to spend $8 per pound more for meat that they will ultimately ruin.

See? Tell me that Wegmans isn’t a genius organization.


Tonight, I will be at the opening party for World of Beer. This is my second Destiny USA opening extravaganza, including the Revolutions opening back in October or November (I don’t remember when it was, exactly. The fall is basically a blur.)

World of Beer’s concept is pretty simple: celebrate the beer from breweries you may or may not know. No Budweiser, Coors or Heineken. Lots of Rogue, Dogfish Head and Stone. From the looks of its events calendar, it appears that WOB will also mix in local bands with beer and sports.

WOB’s official opening is tomorrow. I’ll post some photos on Twitter tonight and a report at some point soon.

Grocery List: December 1, 2013

photoThe Kid is walking around the house crying as I type this. She went from lying on the floor to walking to now staring out of a window, all the while crying. And now she’s turning off all of the Christmas lights. This is great.

Why, you may ask, am I sitting here typing something while my child is crying? Simple. The Wife told The Kid that she could not have potato chips for breakfast.

Symbolically, this is the end of the gluttonous Thanksgiving week. Turkey? Sure. Pizza? Absolutely! Chicken wings and beer? You didn’t even have to ask.

(Now The Kid is rummaging through cabinets in the dining room looking for “a snack.” This is spectacular. She’s lost her mind.)

After every holiday, The Wife declares that we are going to start eating healthy again and that she wants to go to the gym. Never mind that we were not eating particularly healthy before the holiday and that her gym is open 24 hours a day.

(The crying has moved to the kitchen, where The Kid now has “a snack” and is attempting to extract an episode of Sesame Street from her primary captor, The Wife.)

As it is December 1 — HOLY SHIT IT’S DECEMBER ALREADY — we have about 20 calendar days until the next extended buffet approaches. Between the plates of cookies that arrive at work, the annual holiday dinner out with The Wife, an endless stream of post-work, weekend and celebratory alcohol, and, of course, the two-day consumption marathon surround the birth of our Lord and savior, the idea of eating healthy and going to the gym is really a ruse. It’s an attempt to hoard unused calories like Weight Watchers points so that you can jam as many cookies in your craw as possible.

(I’ve now moved to the kitchen, where a happy version of The Kid is eating quietly, so The Wife can get dressed.)

It’s obesity in the name of family. It’s eating in honor of the season.

And it’s okay.

Jesus wants you to eat those cookies.

(The Kid has returned to her normal happy, chatty state. Start to finish…20 minutes.)

Grocery List: November 3, 2013

Photo Nov 03, 9 26 21 AM (HDR)If you took 5:45 a.m. in the “When Will The Kid Wake Up On The First Morning of Daylight Savings Time” sweepstakes, you can claim your prize here. The Wife, God bless her, took her downstairs to snuggle and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She’s a nice lady and I’ll be sure to get her a nice Christmas present with the money she gives me.

There’s little to write about today. I wrote about a couple of restaurant visits, so that’s coming this week. I finished my fall beer list, so we’ll update that too.

Oh, wait a second. Here’s a question? When did Halloween turn into Christmas? I stood out on the porch on Thursday evening to hand out candy (and drink beer). When The Wife and The Kid came back from their family visits, it took two trips to unload the car. Apparently, rather than just collecting a couple of gluten-free candy bars at each stop, she hit a Vegas jackpot of books, cookies, and other delights. Three overloaded gift bags of stuff. Now, while it sounds like I’m ungrateful that people love my child and spend money on her, I am not. What you are reading is a statement of confusion about what connotates a gift-giving holiday.

It’s confusing, I must say.

Grocery List: October 20, 2013 (The One Where Post Something, Take It Down and Repost an Edited Version)

NOTE: Cold medicine makes me indecisive.

“No. 1 on the top 10 things I hate about motherhood: Other mothers.”

The Wife’s pronouncement came Friday night at the Dinosaur Barbque as we waited on delivery of our ribs. It’s not a new feeling for her. When The Kid was The Baby, The Wife would go to the parenting forums, seeking methods to developing sleep schedules and such, only to find herself aghast at the Alphadog Earth Mothers whose breasts have produced enough milk to feed the Asian subcontinent, had children who latched the first time, made their own food and used only organic diapers and never used wipes with alcohol in them AND WHY WOULD YOU DO TO THAT TO YOUR BABY YOU HORRIFIC UNFIT WOMAN WHO IS JUST A STEP ABOVE SUSAN SMITH BUT NOT BY MUCH SO TURN IN YOUR CAR KEYS ANYWAYS JUST IN CASE.

“I’ve been doing this wrong since she was born. Hell, I didn’t even give birth correctly.” (You may or may not know that The Kid was delivered via emergency surgery.)

The Wife’s barbecue-tinged insight was the result of my story of how Twitter exploded in my face the other day. The Wife thinks I should just let this go, and learn the lesson of Josh Lyman from The West Wing‘s 16th episode in season three. After 16 years, you would think that she a) recognized that my bitterness knows no bounds and b) I don’t learn lessons from others’ mistakes. Or my own.

Earlier this year, I chronicled our story of The Kid’s Celiac disease diagnosis and our introduction to the world of gluten-free food. In an effort to start some conversations with other gluten-free diet/Celiac disease bloggers out there and get some feedback, I reached out on Twitter and asked for the thoughts of about two dozen people in that realm. Most offered well wishes, some offered their sympathy to The Wife and me, as we had a very scared then-2 1/2 year old going through all of these tests with no comprehension as to why. Others offered suggestions of brands, support groups, and organizations that I should investigate. Some said nothing.

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Saturday Dinner: Orechiette with Sausage, Beans, and Mascarpone


This was originally going to be dinner last Thursday night.

As I may have previously mentioned, I have a cold that has lingered since right after Labor Day. It’s like the friend who crashes on your couch. You anticipate it will be around for 5, 6, or 7 days, but six weeks later, there it is.

It started innocuously enough as a sinus thing, but moved to my chest. Given my propensity to developing bronchitis, I kept an eye on things but there was never a sign of infection (fever, weird-colored phlegm, lethargy, whining) so I kept on going. With the adrenaline and willed/borrowed energy from the past weeks of Walk To End Alzheimer’s events long burned off, I hit the wall. Thursday night, I came home from work and fall asleep on the couch. When The Wife and The Kid arrived, I informed my betrothed that she was in FFH mode. Fend For Herself. The kitchen, as well as I, was closed. I finally broke down on Friday and went to the doctor and acquired some medication, though the doctor has no clue whether it is viral or bacterial. The amoxicillin seems to be doing something, but I’m not sure if its for real or just mental (like everything else in my life).

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Grocery List: October 6, 2013 (or Another Post Where I Get Philosophical About Everything)

photo-1It’s over.

At about 1:30 on Saturday afternoon, we locked up the office and bid an official end to the 2013 Walk To End Alzheimer’s season. Syracuse’s walk was amazing, thanks to many of you. The $1,400 or so that friends and family contributed to The Wife and I was part of more than $146,000 that was raised at the event. That was a record for fundraising. It was also the largest ever crowd at the event. When the official count is done, we’ll be very close to 1,200 people.

The best part about Walk is the fact that it is over and not from the “Yeah, I get my weekends back” way (although, that’s nice too). No, the best part is looking back to see what has been accomplished. Nearly 3,000 people came out in CNY this year to Walk. I don’t remember exactly how much we raised at all of our walks, but $300,000 sounds like a nice round number right now, with more to come in. So, if you haven’t made a contribution, you can do so by going to my page or The Wife’s page. We close the doors on fundraising at 11:59 p.m. on October 31 (I’ll actually get up and flip the switch on the websites that night.).

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Moro’s Table, Auburn, N.Y. (II)

IMG_3008Our first trip to Moro’s Table was more than two years ago, which means that plenty of time has passed between visits to write about it. The Kid is a pretty big barrier to getting back to a place like this, as is a total lack of planning. Every time we have tried to get a reservation here, a lack of advance planning — defined as more than three days — has precluded us from getting a table.

The changes to Moro’s Table have been slight and primarily to the menu. It’s narrower than before. Previously, 10 or so main courses highlighted a menu of a dozen sushi rolls and as many appetizers. Our visit on a recent Saturday night presented a seasonally-adjusted menu of six entrees (all but one available as a small or large plate), four sushi rolls and five appetizers, plus salads and four different preparations of mussels.

The completely full dining room was dimly lit and full of chatter. Our waitress was outgoing and understanding of my desire to not have any attention drawn to my birthday. A moderately-priced but impressive wine list was skipped in lieu of a pomegranate martini for The Wife, an Ommegang Rare Vos for me, and a Coors Light for The Aunt.

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