Al Dente Revisited: go fish!, Rehoboth Beach, Del.

NOTE FROM JARED: We actually visited go fish!’s sister restaurant, go brit! in Lewes. It’s the same menu, but with more non-seafood items available. It’s a funny thing, as we tried going here on Tuesday, but a townwide power outage in Lewes thwarted our plans and sent us elsewhere. We returned and were equally as satisfied.

go brit! is located at 18388 Coastal Hwy. (State Route 1) in Lewes.


About three or four years ago, we visited my sister on Long Island and took a ride out to Montauk. We climbed the lighthouse, wandered around the state park, walked around the town and finally decided that it was time for lunch. And none of the places we walked into took credit cards. Not a one. The fact that any restaurant, let alone a town full of them, turned down plastic in 2009 stunned me.

It was a concern that I had in Rehoboth Beach. Seasonal oceanside businesses may shun the processing charges related to plastic. A few were cash only (Thrasher’s, for one), but they at least posted their policy on the front sign. Luckily for us, since we rarely carry cash, just about everyone accepted credit cards.

Friday marked a quiet day for us. We took the kid to the park and for a walk down Rehoboth Avenue. Lunch beckoned us, as it is known to do, and the Union Jack on the sign out front of go fish! caught our attention.

British expat Alison Blyth opened a pair of restaurants in Rehoboth in the late 1980s and early 1990s. go fish! debuted in its current located in 2002 as a traditional English fish and chips stand. The menu’s staple is pretty simple: Alaskan pollock is battered in a thick beer coating, lightly fried and served with a generous helping of English chips and a serving of homemade coleslaw. A lunch-sized portion is $6. The much larger dinner serving is $16.95. I don’t particularly care for fried fish, but was willing to give this a shot. And I’m glad I did. The fish resisted the oil, avoiding that greasy fried taste that the fried haddock of the Northeast takes on. The pollock maintained its mild flavor and held its form within the batter.

The crab balls might have actually topped the fish fillet. The four golf ball-sized pieces had a light batter and were packed with fresh lump crabmeat. The $10.95 order was the standout. Together, The Wife and I walked away stuffed and ready for our well-earned nap. We also walked away with a menu that we used to order takeout for the group on Saturday night.

go fish! is located at 24 Rehoboth Ave. in Rehoboth Beach, Del. It has a sister restaurant, go brit!, located on the Coastal Highway in Lewes. It does not take reservations but does offer takeout and a walk-up window. Lunch, with a $9.95 souvenir pint glass and a generous tip (the service was great), was $41.


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