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Grocery list: June 9, 2013

2013-06-09 at 11-32-35Everyone has left.

That’s the best part of a family gathering. This weekend was the celebration of The Kid’s third birthday (it’s officially on Tuesday) and we partied yesterday here at The Homestead. The crowd filtered out around 8 last night. The Sister returned to Long Island at 11 a.m., right around the same time that my father and stepmother bid adieu on the way back to their house on the St. Lawrence Seaway.

The house is now blisteringly quiet. The Kid is napping. The Wife is off for a run. All that can be heard is the clicking of the keyboard and the faint muttering of the announcer on the MLB Network.

2013-06-08 at 17-03-24The second best part of a family gathering? The stunning array of leftovers. We anticipated 18, but ordered food for 15-16. We had 15, but the six pounds of pulled pork and various salads that accompanied was apparently overkill. Today’s grocery trip reminded me that we need a bigger refrigerator in the next house. I gave up on putting things away with a sense of order and just started shoving things where there was room.

Everything but my father’s tortellini salad, the rolls for the pork and the beer was gluten-free. Not that it mattered, as The Kid ate a piece of corn bread and some Van’s french toast.

Today’s trip to Wegmans was solo and horrendous, though mutually exclusive of one another. Solo, because The Kid really wasn’t up for the trip, nor was The Wife. Horrendous because I have a raging chest cold and zero patience. I don’t know why, but the dairy department at Wegmans insists on restocking the shelves by putting the very large pushcarts full of yogurt so they block the shelf and aisle at the same time. After I got hit by someone else’s cart the third time, I decided that I no longer cared about others and was going to use my cart as a weapon. Naturally, my blood lust was for naught as the store seemed to empty, leaving me with clear aisles but a lingering case of cart rage.



Grocery list: April 6, 2013

IMG_0087The text message came through at 10:23 a.m.: “Layla is regretting her decision. She just stopped crying.”

Due to a work event on Sunday, I went grocery shopping on Saturday this week. The Wife was going to sit this trip out, but I had planned to bring The Kid with me. After a few minutes of asking, cajoling, faking sadness and bribing, The Kid refused to budge. I told The Wife that I would walk slowly to the car in case she changed her mind. I took my time putting on my shoes, put some thought into a hat (went with the orange Under Armour hat I have been wearing a lot lately), dropped my keys twice (unintentionally), and by the time I reached the car, there was no call to turnaround.

So I left.

And The Kid cried.

For a half-hour.

The Wife reports that she screamed, kicked, threw toys, and refused to be comforted. Why? Because she (allegedly) missed me and wanted to go to Wegmans.

When I got home, it was like I returned from a six-month tour of duty. Hugs, kisses and a refusal to be detached from me. And then she saw one of her new books on the coffee table and took off, going back to her normal place of ignoring me.

Grocery list: March 3, 2013

2013-03-03 at 08-57-16

We have a houseful this weekend. My sister-in-law, who lives in the Utica area, came in town on Thursday for…I’m not sure why. Dentist appointment on Friday, maybe? I wasn’t paying attention, to be honest. Later that evening, my sister rolled in for a long weekend. It’s funny having all of these people in my house. When we bought it, we thought it was a good-sized place. Add The Kid into the mix, and suddenly we’re crowded. My sister is sleeping on an air mattress in the dining room. She’s okay with this because the bed butts up against the liquor rack.

Friday night’s dinner was a trip to our new regular haunt: Stella’s Diner. It works out quite nicely for dinner. We eat early enough (5-ish) that we can beat the crowd and The Kid devours their pancakes like we don’t feed her (the truth, of course, is that she has made picky eating an artform).

Last night, we were one sister lighter (my in-law) so Dinosaur Barbque takeout was the call. Stellar, as usual. I had the brisket and was slightly let down after my recent trip to Dallas. It’s an unfair comparison, really, to compare the two. It was good, but you know, not quite Texas. Though it was takeout, we still managed to eat too much, which is not an impossible feat for the Dino.

Today’s shopping trip is what my sister would call “Family Fun Time.” The four of us stormed Wegmans, which was packed, and still managed to spend $70 on this list. I wonder just how we manage to do it sometimes.

Grocery list: February 24, 2013

photo-16Today was yoga pants day at Wegmans Fairmount. I didn’t see an announcement, but there must have been a special book of coupons or discounts given out to women under 45 who showed up in the stretchy skin-tight pants. To be totally honest, I enjoyed the scenery (for the most part), but right around the time I noticed my 20th or 21st yoga pant-enhanced rear end walking down an aisle, the panic attack that happens to fathers of daughters kicked in (after all, the jiggly ass in the soup aisle belonged to someone’s daughter). The Wife calls it karma. I think it’s the reason that I’m going to start stockpiling weapons, while they are still legal, before my daughter reaches dating age.

Anyhow, asses aside, Wegmans was a little annoying today. I got there later than I liked so entire neighborhoods of old women had already camped out in the aisles to gossip and chirp, as their neutered husbands stood by with their coffee and stared off in the distance. It’s really disheartening. I’ve decided that my newest reason for loving The Wife is that she hates grocery shopping and will never become one of those people.

Grocery list: February 10, 2013

Optional Theme Music:

The plane touched down just after 10 p.m. and I was tucked in bed just after the first overtime of the Louisville-Notre Dame game (11-ish). It was the first night back I laid in my lumpy queen-sized bed in nearly a week.

And I couldn’t get to sleep.

2013-02-10 at 10-07-31I was able to steal an extra hour or so this morning, thanks to the generosity of The Wife and The Kid, who greeted me with a hug and kiss at 7 a.m. before going downstairs. We would dine on coffee (The Kid loves cold coffee) and croissants (The Kid loves those more) before heading out to our regular Sunday routine of Wegmans and Target. It’s nice to have routine and get back into a groove.

Dallas was much nicer than I expected. I was very surprised at the depth of the food culture and how it extended beyond Tex-Mex and steakhouses. I expected more of that “Don’t Mess With Texas” badass culture of the Lone Star State typical presented by its public faces…Jerry Jones, Rick Perry and George W. Bush. Frankly, I was expecting Dallas to be a little…backwards. It turns out I was wrong.

So, I have the last remnants of some restaurant reviews to get live, as well as a week of recipes. And, a big, heartfelt thank you to my friend Shawn from Grand Rapids. She brought me a new notepad for grocery list purposes. For some reason, she thought it was appropriate…

Grocery list: February 3, 2013

2013-02-03 at 08-05-43

I’m out of my snarky paper with the vulgar header. I bought it years ago at an Urban Outfitters in King of Prussia, Pa. When I visited the store in Syracuse, there was nothing of its ilk on the shelves. I don’t need special paper for a grocery list, but it made for a nice talking point when I saw people I knew at Wegmans.

Today’s trip was early and quick. Early, because the father-in-law celebrates his 65th year roaming the Earth today. The Wife and The Kid are at what is sure to be a raucous celebration. I’m home convalescing, though I should be packing. Quick, because I’m only cooking dinner on Monday. The next morning, I leave for five days in Dallas and our organization’s national leadership conference. The Wife has enough stuff in the freezer to get by. Plus, I’m certain that she’ll have dinner at the in-laws at least twice while I’m gone.

Illness is sweeping our house. The Kid has been sick, off and on, for two weeks. That’s day care for you. The Wife’s head cold began to manifest itself on Thursday. Mine started at exactly 3:07 a.m. today, when I woke up after nearly drowning in snot. Apparently, my sinus decided to give way at that exact moment and release the entire contents of my skull into my throat. So, I have a nice cough and sore throat to take to Texas.

Grocery List: January 20, 2013 (and some acknowledgements)

IMG_0076We chose the windiest day of this short year to make a group trip to Wegmans and Target. Usually on lousy weather days, I’ll go alone. I might take The Kid to give The Wife a break. Without my betrothed, I can stretch a simple Sunday shopping trip well past the one-hour mark.

With her in tow, Sunday groceries are an “as quick as possible” adventure, as evidenced by last week’s experience in Dewitt.

Making this week even more challenging is The Kid’s new obsession with public restrooms. Apparently, it is no longer a fun outing unless we can pee there. This includes our regular Friday night jaunt to Stella’s Diner, our Sunday visit to Wegmans, and our friends’ houses. Layla went potty five times at our one friend’s house earlier this month, we think, because she got to climb their stairs. Such is life with a toddler.


It was a big week here at Al Dente, thanks to some timely Tweets from the Dogfish Head Brewery, food writer/sommelier Rick Bakas and bestselling author Nancy Baggett, and retweets by some friends and strangers. The traffic to the blog was the best we ever had here. So, if you are new to these parts, welcome. If you are a regular reader of the blog, thanks.

This week for dinner, we’re trying out a new stir fry, pasta with kale for Meatless Monday and a new chicken thing later in the week. Plus, I have a new ice cream recipe to share, as well as a foray into French cuisine from Saturday evening.

Grocery list: December 16, 2012

IMG_1251“Why don’t we go grocery shopping then go home and do the laundry?”

We had just crested the last hill south of the city of Syracuse when The Wife posed this question. Any other weekend, the first load would be on and I would be back from Wegmans already.

“I don’t have a list or coupons,” I responded, longing for my mid-afternoon Sunday nap.

“That’s fine. You can go tomorrow after work,” The Wife knows where to hit. Navigating Wegmans between 3 to 6 p.m. on a Monday night is like going to the mall on Dec. 23. I offered a sigh of compliance.

“Ooooooh. Laundry and groceries. Such excitement,” screeched a voice from the backseat. Leah, our travel companion for this weekend, faux mocked our planned activity as we snaked through the south side on the way to the airport so she could return home. I returned the mocking with a tasteless comment about…something. I make so few tasteful comments that it’s hard to keep track.

Thus ended a very nice weekend in Ithaca, N.Y. (Motto: 10 Square Miles Surrounded By Reality), where we attended the wedding of our longtime friend Jeremy Hartigan and the former Holly McIntyre. It was a chance to see all of the people we go on vacation with each summer (sans children), plus a few we see too infrequently. Continue reading Grocery list: December 16, 2012