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Thursday Dinner: Cavender’s Lamb Burgers

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A long, long time ago, I asked for help to build a CNY food box for my friend in Little Rock, Ark. I did actually make one. It’s been sitting on my dining room table for weeks as I keep forgetting to pack and mail it to Allison. Her food kit arrived last month. Among the goodies involved was a shaker of Cavender’s Greek Seasoning. Greek seasoning from Arkansas?

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Yeah, Greek seasoning from Arkansas. Cavender’s has been making their Greek spice blends in Northwest Arkansas since the 1970s. Now call me crazy, but I didn’t think the Ozarks were a hotbed of Greek immigrants. Apparently, I am wrong. Continue reading Thursday Dinner: Cavender’s Lamb Burgers

Wednesday Dinner: Yasmin Fahr’s Chicken Souvlaki

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The name Yasmin Fahr has appeared here quite frequently in the past six months. We’ve never met, though she wields tremendous influence over what I make for dinner. Regular readers of Al Dente know of my affinity for Serious Eats, which is where I first came across her work as a recipe developer and food writer. Her work appears on a number of different online food publications, including Food & Wine and The Daily Meal.

What draws me to her recipes are the simplicity and use of fresh produce. I know, a lot of people have easy recipes that utilize fruits and veggies, but there is something more to her work. Rather than load down recipes with tons of aromatics and herbs, her Mediterranean-influenced dishes allow ingredients like tomatoes, leafy greens and citrus fruits to stand out in a dish. Tonight’s chicken soulvaki utilized lemon as the dominant ingredient. This dish typically features meat marinated in a lot of herbs and vinegar. Hers uses mint, oregano and lemon. That’s all.

Simple, right? Effective too. Continue reading Wednesday Dinner: Yasmin Fahr’s Chicken Souvlaki

Meaty Monday: Ground Lamb with Asparagus and Peas


Tactical errors occur frequently in the kitchen here at Al Dente HQ. I have this tendency to plan a week’s worth of meals without necessarily reading the instructions.

For instance, I observe Meatless Monday and had planned to make a roasted tomato and crispy chickpea sauce. When I got home from work and read the recipe, I noticed that step one of the recipe is to roast the tomatoes for three hours. So. Yeah. That wasn’t going to work.

Meatless Monday takes a seat for Meaty Monday and what was supposed to be for dinner later in the week.

Continue reading Meaty Monday: Ground Lamb with Asparagus and Peas