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Panini Sunday: Chicken and Brie

Photo Nov 09, 5 28 28 PM

The first Panini Sunday of Autumn 2014 was actually last week. I made a sopressata, genoa salami and fresh mozzarella panini that turned into a greasy, sloppy mess. Worse, there were spots in the meat that got hotter than others, so in those spaces where the sandwich did hold up, you could incinerate your tongue.

So, we’ll pretend that this was the first week of panini season here and say that last week was like a preseason game. Continue reading Panini Sunday: Chicken and Brie


Grocery List: September 21, 2014


NOTE: As you read this, I am either in Binghamton or driving to or from there. This will be my third Walk To End Alzheimer’s event of the fall, leaving two more on the docket. It also means that time is running short for you to get in on The Chain Challenge.

I usually fill my Sunday grocery list post with something opinion driven, but as I sit here writing this I’m drawing a blank. So, there’s the grocery list.

Enjoy your Sunday. Spend time with your family. Eat an apple. Visit one of the local farms. Watch football. Make a donation. Heck, take a nap. Just enjoy the day.

Sunday Dinner: Chicken Stew

2014-03-23 at 17-05-03

It’s not what I would call and “ordinary” chicken stew, nor would I call it chicken casserole, as authors Cathal Armstrong and David Hagedorn did in their book, My Irish Table: Recipes from the Homeland and Restaurant Eve. The story behind the dish is that Armstrong was cooking a chicken casserole on his off-day from helming the kitchen at D.C.’s Restaurant Eve. He got a call that President Obama was headed in for dinner. So, he stopped what he was doing, ran into work and cooked. He has included this story and recipe, which he calls President Obama Stew, in the aforementioned book.

This was a great Saturday evening dinner: there are a lot of ingredients, the recipe goes slowly and every flavor complements one another. It’s quite a thing.

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Grocery List: March 9, 2014

Photo Mar 09, 9 56 43 AMAnother Pleasant Valley Sunday here in Status Symbol Land. Sadly, it’s one of those Sundays where there is no coffee.

I know.

Yesterday, I ran a coffee pot cleaner through our KitchenAid Grind ‘N Brew. This was one of those powders that you push through the entire water system to descale and decalcify everything. The instructions say to run it until the outputted water is no longer blue. Two full pots of water later, we were fine. Or so I thought.

This morning I come downstairs and The Wife says, “Why does my coffee taste like soap?” Sigh.

So, the pot of coffee was dumped and I’m working without a net this morning. I had a cup of orange juice, but that doesn’t seem to do much more than fulfill my acid intake for the morning. No, before I enter a grocery store of any sort, I need coffee. A big one. An iced one.

Speaking of coffee, delicious coffee, I was out shopping for dinner ingredients on Saturday and dropped by Cafe Kubal’s Downtown Syracuse location for an iced pour-over. If you’ve never had this, it’s quite a thing. Think of it as a personal drip coffee. It was glorious. Not unlike a French press, all of the oils were released and I was left with a cup of coffee that was explosive with flavor from the dark roast.

Here’s a video of them putting it together:

Sunday Dinner: Pot Roast

Although not every topic can be illustrated, we believe most blog posts can and should have a visual element.

— Joy Victory, WordPress.com

Funny. See, I meant to take photos of Sunday’s pot roast. I really did. I ran into a little problem. (Here come the excuses.) The battery in my camera was dead and apparently some moron didn’t seat the backup battery correctly in the charger. This is the same moron who let his iPhone battery go dead on Sunday as well.

So, no photos of the preparation process. Or the end result. Or anything really. The best I have is the map of the cow to illustrate where a chuck roast comes from:

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Grocery List: September 8, 2013


Note the date.

The Hallmark Channel, home to reruns of The Golden Girls and movies about jilted women finding new love, just ran an ad for its Countdown to Christmas beginning on November 2. New movies. Old favorites. Bing Crosby singing “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas.”

On September 8. Sonsabitches. I may actually force myself to watch NFL pregame.

(Side note: I am indifferent to football. I’ll watch it, but not with any particular fervor. I tend to come in towards the end of the season around the playoffs. I realize this makes me a bandwagoner, but a childhood as a Bills fan has spoiled my taste for the sport. On top of this is the growing concern about concussions and head trauma as linked to dementia. And since I work for the Alzheimer’s Association, I tend to eschew things that promote the onset of the disease I’m working to eliminate. I was delighted to see Notre Dame lose, though it was to a team with an equally insufferable fan base. Digressing…)

Anyhow, this week begins the annual slog where my weekends disappear due to Walk To End Alzheimer’s events in Central New York. The grocery list post will go on hiatus until the end of the month and the frequency of these posts may wane as well. My Saturdays and Sundays are typically reduced to getting up early, running financial reports, driving to/setting up/working/tearing down/driving from the event, doing the post-event publicity and returning home. Our Saturday Walks start around 9, so my mornings will start around 4 a.m. On Sunday, I’ll make it in around 7 or 8 so we can be on site for our 1 p.m. Walks in time.

If you haven’t already, you should consider making a donation to my Walk efforts or joining an event near you. I would appreciate it.

Grocery List: September 1, 2013

I can't find the grocery list, so here is a picture of The Kid and I on the couch.
I can’t find the grocery list, so here is a picture of The Kid and I on the couch.

Allow me to work blue for a second.

Fuck September.

In college, I disliked April because it was the busiest month of my year. September has since ascended to the top spot. The Labor Day weekend tease gives birth to an immediate gear shift to school and my walkathon season (a period of time where I work 20 consecutive days without a break, and a total of 26 out of 28 days). It’s the month where The Wife and I are at our most miserable, often times annoying each other by just being in the same room.

Suffice it to say, I was not ready for September 1 to hit the calendar today, especially since the weather (80 and sunny) is teasing you into believing that it is still summer out. I would just assume have it drop into the 50s and begin the seven-month slog of cold Northeast temperatures.

But enough of my insipid whining.

We’ll end summer much in the same way we started it with clams provençal for dinner. I’m also clearing out some of the meat from the freezer over the next few days. And, I’m going to share pickling recipes that do not require canning and burning your hands on hot Mason jars. So, it should be a busy week.

That said, fuck September.

Panini Sunday: Brie, blue, bacon and basil panini

2013-05-05 at 17-19-14

If you own a panini maker, Kathy Strahs’ Panini Happy is a must visit. It is a deep resource of breakfast, dinner and dessert panini combinations and one that I visit regularly for Panini Sunday.

For this Sunday, I went with Kathy’s brie, blue, bacon and basil number with a couple of changes that I will note below. Continue reading Panini Sunday: Brie, blue, bacon and basil panini