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Tuesday dinner: Chicken and wild rice soup

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Chicken breasts have been a staple in my kitchen since college. We went through so many that I would buy the big frozen bag from BJ’s on a monthly basis. Gradually, I shifted to buying them at the grocery store and trimming my own. But, recently I’ve converted from buying chicken breasts to thighs.

2013-02-19 at 17-47-54Think about Thanksgiving. Everyone says they are going to eat healthy and go for white meat, but when you look at their plate, you can see dark meat buried at the bottom. Why? More flavor. Why? More fat, and fat equals flavor. Meat from most animal legs is tough and typically reserved for slow-cooking or braising. Chicken thighs break the rule. They are only slightly tougher than chicken breasts, which can be resolved in most recipes by cooking a little longer, and that fat content is only negligibly higher than breast meat (2.6g per serving for boneless, skinless breasts vs. 3.9g for boneless, skinless thighs), according to the National Chicken Council. And, when you stack them against one another nutritionally, they are not that different. Boneless, skinless breasts have 114 calories, 21.2g protein, and 116mg sodium per serving. Thighs have 119 calories, 19.7g protein, and 86mg sodium.

For me, thighs are more versatile, have more flavor and do not dry out as quickly on the stove, in the oven or on the grill. And, they work quite well in soup (foreshadowing…). Continue reading Tuesday dinner: Chicken and wild rice soup


Thursday dinner: Lime cilantro fettuccine with chicken

Saturday’s trip to the Central New York Regional Market yielded more than just tomatoes and cheese. We made a stop at one of the better kept secrets at in the third barn: Flour City Pasta. They set up shop near the North doors in the C Shed, hauling about 20-30 different varieties of homemade dry pasta to Syracuse each week from its homebase in Fairport. I’ve extolled their virtues in the past and have used their products before (three words: sweet potato orzo). During our stop, The Wife pointed out the lime cilantro fettuccine with the look my daughter gets when I open the cabinet with the Goldfish crackers. I picked up a half-pound…anything to please The Wife. At $8 a pound, it’s a little steep but the quality is undeniable.

The upshot of dinner is that it is pretty low in fat; only the one gram per 1/4 lb. serving of pasta and one and a half in each of the two chicken breasts I added. Dinner may have actually been, gasp, healthy. Continue reading Thursday dinner: Lime cilantro fettuccine with chicken

Tuesday dinner: Honey-lime chicken breasts

We’re going to try a new format for the recipes. We’ll start with a little bit of babbling, touch on what worked and what doesn’t, and then drop in the recipe. This way, we can cut back on the stream of consciousness that kicks off so many of these pieces and focus a little more on the food.

My hope is that this focuses me a little more on the topic at hand. I’ve noticed that I wander a little bit (okay, a lot). It adds some personality and color to an otherwise boring recipe, but holy hell, even I get sick of hearing myself talk after a while.

So, let’s call this the end of the babbling and move on to… Continue reading Tuesday dinner: Honey-lime chicken breasts

Wednesday dinner: Gwyneth Paltrow’s grilled chicken with peach barbecue sauce

Way back in the day (about 15 or so years ago), The Hot Shoppe occupied the corner of Walton and Franklin Streets where Freedom of Espresso now sits. In it (and it’s later location on South Clinton Street), was shelves and shelves of hot sauces and barbecue sauces. It was the perfect Father’s Day shopping spot and would later make for my own indulgent stops after The Wife and I were married. (The Hot Shoppe is now a web-only outfit.)

Anyhow, they had this product called Sizzle Sauce. It’s no longer produced, but it was a peach-habenero barbecue sauce that was good for marinating or basting. The sugar (probably honey) would crisp right up into a glaze after some quality time over the fire. It’s immediately what I thought of when I ran across Gwyneth Paltrow‘s peach barbecue sauce. Continue reading Wednesday dinner: Gwyneth Paltrow’s grilled chicken with peach barbecue sauce

Wednesday Dinner: Lemon chicken and leeks

I had intended to make chicken with roasted fennel for dinner tonight. Two problems with that:

  1. The Wife doesn’t like fennel. Now, in the hands of mere mortals that would be a problem. But, you’re talking to a guy who converted a veggie hater to the world of salads, brussels sprouts, escarole and rappi. That said, she’s just not a fan of the strong anise flavor.
  2. Weeknight dinners around here need to be filling so we have the energy to tend to The Baby. So, rather than present The Wife with a dinner she was going to pick around, I changed my plans.

The fennel will come, though. It will come. Anyhow…

So, with fennel out the door, I found myself wandering the produce aisle at Wegmans Monday night looking for an alternative hearty vegetable to go with roasted chicken pieces. And there they were…the last two bunches of leeks in the produce section, beckoning for me to take them home. Maybe they weren’t beckoning so much. It was a long day and the last thing I wanted to do was grocery shop. The perils of being me, right? Continue reading Wednesday Dinner: Lemon chicken and leeks