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Meatless Monday: Kale-Quinoa Minestrone

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In most parts of the country, autumn is a transitional season where summer slowly transitions into winter. Leaves turn colors, fields are harvested and turned for the next season, and our sleeves get longer.

Here in Central New York, autumn lasts about three weeks. September gets progressively colder, so much so that you think it is October already. By the time Halloween hits, parents debate whether snowsuits are necessary underneath the costume for trick or treating. Continue reading Meatless Monday: Kale-Quinoa Minestrone


Meatless Tuesday: Tagliatelle with Provençal Red Pistou


So, a pistou is French pesto without the pine nuts. I didn’t know that. Frankly, I know nothing about French food. Check that…I don’t know much about France. I took two years of French in high school because it was either that or shop classes. After four years of Spanish (two in middle school, two in high school), I thought I would switch things up. In my junior year, I took an accelerated French class that put the first two years into one. This meant that during my senior year, I had to sit for the French Regents exam with a bunch of sophomores. By the time this test rolled around, I was so checked out of high school that I might have written the same answer for every multiple choice question. I distinctly remember finishing the test in about 45 minutes and having my French teacher wake me up because I was snoring. I got an 85. I worked my ass off I showed inconsistent effort as a sophomore to get a B+/A- in my Spanish class, but sleepwalked to a B in French. But, don’t worry, I can ask you if you would like butter (Voulez vous le beurre?). Continue reading Meatless Tuesday: Tagliatelle with Provençal Red Pistou

Meatless Tuesday: Tomato Frittata

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What came first? The chicken or the egg?

If I eat eggs mixed with vegetables, is the meal really meatless? The experts seem to think so. Here’s what the Meatless Monday FAQ says about low-carb meatless recipes:

Most beans and legumes are relatively high in complex carbohydrates (meat contains no carbohydrates). If you’re restricting carbohydrates, you may want to choose nuts and seeds, eggs and low-fat dairy products as your primary protein foods.

And, if it’s on the Internet, it must be true. So there: two consecutive meatless days. I think that may be some sort of record here at Al Dente HQ.

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Meatless Tuesday: The Kitchn’s One-Pot Pasta

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It seems as if Meatless Monday has fallen into a delay pattern and become Meatless Tuesday here at Al Dente HQ. I like the idea of one meatless day a week and we had long done this unintentionally. The purpose behind Meatless Monday is pretty straightforward: take a break from meat, particularly those rich in saturated fat. The Meatless Monday concept has been a chance for me to branch out and try new things. That, I like. It hasn’t, though, led to a ton of healthy eating. As it happens, cheese is meatless. It’s loaded with saturated fat, but it’s meatless, as are carbs like pasta, rice and other grains. We have consumed more vegetables too, don’t get me wrong, but the challenge of cooking without a basic like chicken has been fun.

(If there is a reason to not like Meatless Monday, it’s the fact that Oprah-endorsed snake oil salesman Dr. Oz pushes the idea to the sheep that form a line to take whatever garbage he offers in the name of expert medical advice.)

Take tonight’s dinner, for example. It’s vegetarian, though not vegan, and has a nice shot of fat from the olive oil and cheeses. Plus the pasta, which will inevitably convert to fat during digestion. Yum!

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Meatless Tuesday: Roasted Tomato Pasta + Chickpeas


The dill is dead.

No, I haven’t been playing Abbey Road backwards. The dill really is dead. This is a surprise to me as usually my cilantro goes to pot very early and the dill fights for garden domination with the thyme. This year, the cilantro has gone to for, the thyme is explosive and the dill is dead.

This fact didn’t occur to me until I was ready to cut herbs tonight before dinner. As previously mentioned, I had already forgotten to roast the tomatoes for tonight’s dinner; a feat which I completed on Monday night. Instead of dill, I went with thyme. Yes, it’s a completely different flavor than dill, but it was a safe choice as it complemented every other ingredient in the recipe nicely.

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