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A whole bunch of fail (or Thursday dinner)

As I may have mentioned previously, this was supposed to be a post about my experiment with Mark Bittman‘s recipe for grilled Mediterranean chicken thighs. What the post will be is a poor copy, improvised because I’m an idiot.

IDIOT POINT #1: It goes back to shopping. When I usually buy chicken thighs, I buy the boneless variety. This recipe calls for bone-in, as helps to pin the herb paste inside of the meat. I ended up using toothpicks.

IDIOT POINT #2: Back to shopping, I whiffed on fresh herbs. Apparently, the recipe didn’t transfer to my grocery list correctly. Or, at all. I substituted my homemade herbes de provence, which worked well in a pinch.

IDIOT POINT #3: Gas. Propane, to be specific. My luck with last season’s leftover propane tank finally ran out. I ended up transferring the chicken to the Advantium speed cooker that spins my electric meter like slot wheels at the Turning Stone.

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Wednesday dinner: Dinner fail. Side dish win.

The recipe looked good. A little spicy, but all told, it looked good. In the end, it was…marginal. I’d love to say that something went off the rails along the way that made it my fault, but I just don’t think that the recipe was all that great.

The Wife doesn’t particularly like spicy food, and I’m not a big fan myself, but I’m not certain that the heat would have made it much better. The accompanying salsa didn’t make much difference either. I know that not every recipe is a winner, but chicken thighs with cucumber-rhubarb salsa was a dud. It was enough of a let down that I’m just going to link and not bother with recounting the steps.

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