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Tuesday Dinner: Steak and Eggs

2014-11-04 at 18-20-53

Sometimes you want something light for dinner. I’ve cooked with a lot of cream and butter recently, so this week for dinner I wanted to offer some choices that were not as rich or heavy on the stomach.

Naturally, steak and eggs came to mind.

This Southwest-style steak and eggs dish came from Julia’s Album, a nifty food blog with a fairly large readership. Now, Julia intended this to be a breakfast selection, but I’ve found that there is little that you make for the first meal that you cannot make for your evening sitdown. The Wife is a proponent of the breakfast-for-dinner movement, so this was an easy choice. Continue reading Tuesday Dinner: Steak and Eggs


Meatless Monday: Black Bean Burritos

2014-10-27 at 17-20-49Mexican food scares the hell out of white Baby Boomers and I’m not sure why. The Father and The In-Laws would rather eat a bowlful of glass than a taco and for no good reason. Popularly, Mexican food is characterized as being hot, thanks to the mystery chile peppers that Speedy Gonzalez would slip to his threat du jour.

I also think that Taco Bell had something to do with it. I haven’t run for the border in a long time, but my memories of what’s inside the wax paper wrapper is not pretty. It is usually a sloppy mess of meat, salsa and sour cream with the smell of warm garbage. I don’t know why this was so appealing to me in high school, but I ate it like a champ.

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Cantina Laredo, Syracuse, N.Y.

Source: Syracuse.com

The plan was to go to whatever restaurant in The Canyon section of DestinyUSA looked less busy. We did not want to wait or fight Happy Hour drunks. There are four dining options in the first floor area: P.F. Chang’s, The Melting Pot, Gordon Biersch and Cantina Laredo. The weather was horrific, so there were no waits at any of the hostess stands.

We want to keep dinner under $100. Cross The Melting Pot off.

I went to a Chang’s 10+ years ago and thought it was good. The Wife isn’t a big Chinese food fan. Cross that off.

I have eaten at Gordon Biersch’s Atlanta outlet. It was fine. The Wife was indifferent. I went to Cantina Laredo for lunch in the fall and enjoyed it. The Wife smiled.

Mexican it was.

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Monday dinner: Quinoa burrito bowls (and the debut of Meatless Monday)

UPDATE: Al Dente’s Binghamton Canandaigua bureau chief Brian Moritz reports that his Wegmans carries store-brand freshly made pico de gallo. Very disappointing.

Meatless Monday has become a national movement backed by the geniuses at Johns Hopkins University in an effort to reduce our overall consumption of saturated fat and cholesterol. It has its roots during those skirmishes in the early to mid 1900s, where Presidents Wilson, Roosevelt and Truman asked Americans to go meatless one day a week to make sure we could feed our soldiers abroad. Or something like that.

(Tangent: We can get into the politics of this, but I don’t believe that food should be political. It should be safe. It should be accessible. It should be served to politicians. It shouldn’t be a political statement. There are too many people who lack access to quality fresh food. A 12-week per year farmer’s market in a Northeast city is a nice gesture, but is a fingertip bandage on a fissure. If people are hot to make a political statement about food, they should try fixing that.)

For our purposes, Meatless Monday is not going to be a grand statement. It’s my challenge to reach out and try new things that are healthy, and approach the stove without a chicken thigh, pork tenderloin or other piece of animal flesh in hand.

We’ll see how long this lasts. Continue reading Monday dinner: Quinoa burrito bowls (and the debut of Meatless Monday)