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CNY Food: The Winter Farmer’s Market at Baltimore Woods

2014-11-08 at 10-29-45The Central New York Regional Market is the focal point of area agriculture, but it’s not the only farmer’s market in Syracuse. During the summer, you cannot swing a cat without hitting a market. Downtown Syracuse, Baldwinsville, Skaneateles, Fayetteville, and Cazenovia all host them (among others) during the warm-weather months.

Once the leaves fall off the trees, so do the choices. Cazenovia moves indoors and becomes a monthly operation. The CNY Regional Market moves to an indoor operation spread out over a few buildings. But, that’s about it until May.

Well, it was until this past weekend.

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Saturday Dinner: Ravioli with Tomato Cream Sauce

2013-11-02 at 17-08-49

About, oh, five months ago, The Wife and I went to Flour City Pasta in Pittsford and got a little crazy. Amongst the things we bought were a $20 box of braised beef ravioli. In fairness, I didn’t know how much they were until we got the receipt by email. They went into our basement freezer, which I affectionately refer to as the cryovault, and I proceeded to forget about them.

2013-11-02 at 17-09-00Fast forward to Saturday morning when I asked The Wife what she wanted to do about dinner. She had…nothing. I went searching through the cryovault and found the ravioli. It got me thinking about a sauce. I didn’t want the typical red marinara sauce here, nor did I want a rich alfredo. Bolognese seemed like overkill. Arrabiata would work, but thought it would be too much for the delicate pasta. So, I went looking and ran across The Pioneer Woman’s tomato cream sauce. It’s a simple quick marinara with heavy cream, or a vodka sauce without the booze. It looked like would complement the pasta and allow its filing to drive the bus. The sauce is a perfect weeknight improvisation, going together in about 30 minutes without much drama.

WHAT WORKED: The sauce stayed out of the way. It had all of the tang of a tomato sauce, but didn’t have an overwhelming onion, garlic or tomato flavor. It provided a proper base for the ravioli to stand out.

WHAT DIDN’T: Me. I forgot the basil. Shopping without a list is problematic like tha.

WHAT DID THE WIFE SAY: Nothing about the food. The Kid was acting like a three-year-old during dinner.

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Al Dente On The Side: CNY Regional Market Pasta Salad II

2013-08-03 at 13-28-47

My first CNY Regional Market Pasta Salad was gone in a matter of days. The Wife scarfed it down without much challenge.

This one has sat a little while, but not because it wasn’t good. There’s just a lot of it. Stupid orzo.

Orzo is a great pasta and probably my favorite shape. It’s also deceptively small. The little grains seem to explode in size when cooked. A seemingly small bag of pasta explodes like a family of rabbits.

The pasta came from my favorite haunt at the market — Flour City Pasta — and the tomatoes from Schrader Farms in the outdoor B aisle.

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Al Dente on the Side: CNY Regional Market Pasta Salad

2013-07-28 at 17-06-54

Saturday morning trips to the Central New York Regional Market started before I was in elementary school. My father would take me for an early morning run so he could get produce for the week. For my efforts as a well-behaved child, I would get popcorn, and the chance to tell my friends that I had popcorn for breakfast.

Vegetables were always a big part of our dinner table. What my grandfather didn’t grow on his land in Geddes (he did basically everything but lettuce, corn, onions and potatoes), we would get at the market.

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Al Dente On The Side: Saffron pasta salad


Saffron tastes great. The problem is that it smells worse than my feet.

IMG_3545I can’t stand the smell of it. When I cracked the seal on the container to measure it out for the recipe, I started think that my feet were beginning to spoil like meat left out on the counter too long. I once forgot a bag of groceries in my truck that had a package of veal stew meat. Three days later when I went looking for something, I caught the odor of rotten meat.

It’s almost that bad.

But, the gentle flavor of the little red strands bring so much depth to a dish.

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Meatless Monday: Pasta with beans and tomatoes


Meatless Monday‘s triumphant return came in part to my abbreviate farmer’s market trip on Saturday. We had The Kid’s three-year-old birthday photos taken at 9 a.m., so the family trip was scrubbed in lieu of an express run. The Kid needed more cinnamon bread and she loves the product made by a local baker who only sells at the market.

And, as always, I was looking for something from Flour City Pasta. This week, they brought emmer radiatore to the market. Jon said that he no longer makes the emmer fettuccine (which was awesome) because it breaks so easily, so he only makes the rads and orzo. I grabbed a half-pound of it and figured I would do something with it later.

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Wednesday dinner: Beurre blanc with Flour City Pasta


One of the joys of our weekly Central New York Regional Market trips is a stop to the Flour City Pasta booth. Jon, who makes the trip out each week, is fun to talk to and there’s always a wide variety of flavors and shapes on the table. Plus, the pasta is just damn good.

IMG_2760We usually buy a half-pound each week for dinner, as it is a perfect portion for the two of us (as previously mentioned, The Kid has Celiac disease and has never had interest in pasta). I tend to go for their orzos, which make for great sides or salads, though their linguine and fettuccine are pretty good. The long pasta is enormous, requiring a spoon to properly twirl and eat.

Each bag of pasta comes along with a recipe, which I usually pass on if the booth is busy. I figure that I can save Jon the extra few seconds of looking things up. This week when I passed on the recipe, Jon insisted that I take the recipe card for the beurre blanc recipe that paired with the ginger lemongrass linguine. Continue reading Wednesday dinner: Beurre blanc with Flour City Pasta

Tuesday dinner: Citrus pasta with chicken

I’ve had this recipe from Whole Foods sitting on my Pinterest “Things I Want To Cook” board for a few months. It looked intriguing enough. I’ve spent a lot of this summer cooking with avocado and citrus juice, so it made for a natural choice. A recent trip to the CNY Regional Market made it easier. Flour City Pasta, whom we’ve discussed here before, unveiled their new lime shells a couple of weeks back. I tried a raw piece and thought that this recipe would be perfect.

I made a quick change to the lineup, pan-frying a couple of chicken breasts and cubing them for protein. Continue reading Tuesday dinner: Citrus pasta with chicken