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RECIPE FAIL: Beer Braised Beef and Onions


Look at this mess.

Something went wrong tonight.


The meal was cooked to spec, with the only deviation being the roast’s size and the reduced cooking time to accommodate that fact — 30 minutes to accommodate the variance.

The fucking thing burned. (I’m sorry if my use of vulgarities burned your retinae. I’m pissed. No. Fucking pissed.)

Tonight’s dinner was beer braised beef and onions, based on a recipe from the now-shuttered Gourmet magazine. This called for a five-pound chuck roast (I bought the largest in the case at three), three pounds of onions, 24 ounces of a light-colored lager, two tablespoons each of vegetable oil and red wine vinegar. Brown the meat. Brown the onions. Braise for 3.5 hours. Serve.

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