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Al Dente Frozen: Framboise ice cream

2013-03-09 at 12-38-51Since making my first batch of beer ice cream, I’ve wanted to branch out and try other flavors. My co-worker’s husband made a batch using Southern Tier Brewing Company’s creme brulee stout that was six different ways of awesome. I’ve had Guinness ice cream in the past. That was fine. I’ve wanted to do something akin to Mitchell’s Christmas Ale Gingersnap made with Great Lakes’ spectacular brew.

I offered The Wife a choice for Saturday night’s dinner. I could procure a growler of hard cider (likely McKenzie’s black cherry) or I could make ice cream. She chose the latter. While wandering the aisles at Wegmans, I saw the lambic shelf and decided it was time to give boozy ice cream another go.

Belgian brewer Lindemans makes a number of beers that use fruit juice instead of yeast in the fermentation process. These are called lambics, in case you didn’t know. hops to the brewer:

Long before hops were common in most beers, various fruits and vegetables were used to season beers. The acidity of Lambic beers blends perfectly with raspberries.

The fruit juice ferments, giving the beer it’s alcohol content. Lindemans makes this style of beer in apple, peach, black currant and raspberry, or as it’s known in bars around the world, Framboise. Continue reading Al Dente Frozen: Framboise ice cream


Al Dente Frozen: Salted caramel ice cream ala Bi-Rite Creamery **FAIL**

IMG_1968I regret not doing three things during this summer’s trip to San Francisco this summer:

  1. Bringing better shoes.
  2. Bringing home a few pounds of Blue Bottle Coffee
  3. Stopping at Bi-Rite Creamery.

There’s really no excuse for any of them. Worst of all was number three. We actually walked past it on our way to Tartine when we were in The Mission.

Bi-Rite is a homemade ice cream shop located on 18th Street. It’s all small-batch produced with locally-sourced ingredients. The flavors range from the usual — vanilla, cookies and cream, mint chip — to the less usual (for the lack of better words. Orange cardamom. Earl Grey. Honey Lavender. And, today’s Al Dente flavor, salted caramel. Continue reading Al Dente Frozen: Salted caramel ice cream ala Bi-Rite Creamery **FAIL**

Al Dente Frozen: Dogfish Head Chicory Stout ice cream

IMG_1617Dogfish Head produces some of the finest beer on the east coast. The craft brewery got its start in Rehoboth Beach, Del. and has since moved its brewing operation to a plant in nearby Milton. What remains is a neat little bar and restaurant with an eclectic menu and killer beer (and homemade spirits) selection. Last summer’s trip to Delaware reacquainted me with Dogfish Head’s offerings and opened my eyes to more of their hard-to-get labels, including the Chicory Stout. It’s great in a bottle and exceptional from the tap. But, if you ever have the chance to drink a cask-conditioned version, like they serve from time to time at the pub in Delaware, I would recommend it. It’s life changing.

Dogfish Head Chicory Stout is the type of beer that you have to want to drink. The flavor is not for everyone, stouts are like that. This is a strong coffee stout and the chicory and licorice roots are evident in each sip. It’s fairly mellow (it rates a 21 on the International Bitterness Unit scale) and not that strong (5.2% ABV).


At a cookout in August, I poured a half-bottle of it over some vanilla ice cream. It was really good. This year when I got the ice cream maker, this was the second flavor I thought of making (coffee was the first).

Continue reading Al Dente Frozen: Dogfish Head Chicory Stout ice cream