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Saturday Dinner: Oven-Braised Roast Beef

2014-02-01 at 18-11-28


The In Laws came over for pizza on Friday night, so we did dinner solo on Saturday. Ideally, we were looking at something quick in order to finish, wash dishes and be on the couch for the Syracuse-Duke game at 6:30 p.m. Well, kinda. The Kid is going to bed around 7 p.m. right now, so the last half hour of her day is spent viewing a Doc McStuffins stored on the DVR. So, we lost the first 30 minutes of the game, but were back for the fireworks in the second half and overtime.

Ideally, I wanted to roast something during the day and beef is as good a choice as anything. While I enjoy a nice roast beef and haven’t done one recently, an all-day braised roast is just as good. Robyn Stone’s recipe at Add a Pinch was my guide for ingredients and heat. Rather than think for myself, I decided to let her do the heavy lifting. Typical Jared move…make the women do the work and I come in later to grab the glory at dinnertime. Ha! Continue reading Saturday Dinner: Oven-Braised Roast Beef


Sunday Dinner: Pot Roast

Although not every topic can be illustrated, we believe most blog posts can and should have a visual element.

— Joy Victory, WordPress.com

Funny. See, I meant to take photos of Sunday’s pot roast. I really did. I ran into a little problem. (Here come the excuses.) The battery in my camera was dead and apparently some moron didn’t seat the backup battery correctly in the charger. This is the same moron who let his iPhone battery go dead on Sunday as well.

So, no photos of the preparation process. Or the end result. Or anything really. The best I have is the map of the cow to illustrate where a chuck roast comes from:

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Tuesday Dinner: Mexican Chicken and Lime Soup (Sopa de pollo y lima, or something like that)

2013-10-08 at 17-36-21

If I were to guess, I think The Wife would like it if I used the grill a few more times before the chill of autumn settles in. We have a detached garage that sits towards the end of our property. It seems like the din of fall makes the walk to and from the garage more like an arduous expedition rather than the same 40-step walk (from door to door) that I’ve done since assembling the grill in the spring.

2013-10-08 at 16-51-11(I would ask The Wife about all of this, but that would require us having a conversation about something other than The Kid or work. This is a seeming impossibility these days. And besides, we’re married. I don’t have to talk to her anymore.)

What I do know is that there are flavors that The Wife likes and those she loves. Cilantro falls into the later category. If she approved of such things, you would see her walking around with a wad of the pungent little leaves tucked into her lower lip like a hunk of Skoal.

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Wednesday dinner: Pesto, chicken, and white bean soup

2013-03-20 at 17-28-36I have a real problem dumping water into a recipe. Unless I’m making stock or have a robust flavor, my fear of diluting the flavor and having to add more salt gets in the way. Now, I know that my alternatives, particularly chicken, beef and vegetable stocks, are chock full of sodium, but they also bring along some complementary flavors.

In this recipe for pesto, chicken, and white bean soup from Chow.com, 1/3 of the liquid in the pan is water. For a weeknight soup that isn’t going to cook long, this seems like rolling the dice. And, there’s nothing worse than soup that takes like hot water. Continue reading Wednesday dinner: Pesto, chicken, and white bean soup

Al Dente Frozen: Framboise ice cream

2013-03-09 at 12-38-51Since making my first batch of beer ice cream, I’ve wanted to branch out and try other flavors. My co-worker’s husband made a batch using Southern Tier Brewing Company’s creme brulee stout that was six different ways of awesome. I’ve had Guinness ice cream in the past. That was fine. I’ve wanted to do something akin to Mitchell’s Christmas Ale Gingersnap made with Great Lakes’ spectacular brew.

I offered The Wife a choice for Saturday night’s dinner. I could procure a growler of hard cider (likely McKenzie’s black cherry) or I could make ice cream. She chose the latter. While wandering the aisles at Wegmans, I saw the lambic shelf and decided it was time to give boozy ice cream another go.

Belgian brewer Lindemans makes a number of beers that use fruit juice instead of yeast in the fermentation process. These are called lambics, in case you didn’t know. hops to the brewer:

Long before hops were common in most beers, various fruits and vegetables were used to season beers. The acidity of Lambic beers blends perfectly with raspberries.

The fruit juice ferments, giving the beer it’s alcohol content. Lindemans makes this style of beer in apple, peach, black currant and raspberry, or as it’s known in bars around the world, Framboise. Continue reading Al Dente Frozen: Framboise ice cream

Meatless Monday/Eat The Freezer: Greens and beans

lentils + escarole

I’m not entirely sure how I made greens and beans without posting the recipe here. My best guess is that I made it while I was sick (you eat chicken soup; I will eat greens and beans) and decided to finish cooking so I could eat and convalesce, and not write a lengthy rambling post.

Truth be told, this isn’t totally meatless. The only proper way to start a batch of greens and beans is with pancetta. When rendered, it adds all of the salt and just about all of the fat you need for the dish. It’s really one of the most underrated foods out there, no matter how much Giada likes to annunciate everything. Continue reading Meatless Monday/Eat The Freezer: Greens and beans

Saturday dinner: Short ribs provencal


If the world were a right and just place, I would have time to cook more food by braising. You draw out so much flavor from the meat when it cooks slowly for hours in a low heat oven. Fat melts into flavor. Marrow melts into sauce. It’s quite beautiful.

I like braising short ribs on a cold night. It has that hearty, comfort food feel that warms you from the inside. We’ve certainly had colder days this winter (hell, we’ve had colder days this week) than Saturday, but it would have to do. Short ribs are like ice cream: when I get it into my head that I want to eat them, it’s best to just appease me. Otherwise, I become a miserable and grumpy little bitch.

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Sunday dinner: Garlic pot roast

IMG_0959“I’m feeling something pot roasty for dinner.” I was making the grocery list as The Wife supervised breakfast for The Kid and musing about the evening’s potential dinner candidates.

“So what are going to make?” She walked right into it.

“Uhhhh. A pot roast?”

She says that we should talk more, but she usually ends up in this spot. This is not new. I’ve been pulling this crap for the 26 years we’ve been together (okay, so it’s more like 17…who’s counting?). Continue reading Sunday dinner: Garlic pot roast