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Stromboli Sunday: Rappi Stromboli

2013-11-24 at 18-07-11

Two weeks in a row constitutes a streak, if you ask me. So, I think we can officially christen this feature Stromboli Sunday.

For this week’s episode, I tried a variation on something that was on my Pinterest wall for a while. Broccoli rappi has been a long-loved food by the Paventis and seems to be more popular downstate. It’s not unheard of to see nicer pizza shops use it as a topping or stuffing in calzones or rolls. I thought we would give it shot here on Sunday.

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Sunday Dinner: Ham and Salami Stromboli

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Stromboli Sunday? Maybe.

There was a chance that I would spend my Sunday at a local gin joint to watch football, swill beer and use foul language. So, as I was looking for a dinner option, I wanted something that could go to together quick and easy on the off-chance that I had been touched by the drink. My plans were postponed, which was just as well. The 90-minute nap I caught was equally as fulfilling as an afternoon at a bar.

Strombolis are essentially calzones with cured meats. I would assume that its name comes from the active volcano off the shore of Sicily, but that seems like a lot of research for me to do. Wikipedia doesn’t have the answer, so it’s probably lost to the food Gods. They are generally found at your local pizza shop next to the calzones. Rectangular pieces of dough loaded with ham, salami, peppers and cheese. Easy enough, right?

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Sunday Dinner: Grilled Pizza With Clams and Bacon

2013-08-25 at 17-21-26

My hypothesis was simple. A pizza shell would work better for grilling than dough because it would be less brittle or prone to tears.

I was incorrect.

The first thing the shell did when I put it on the grill was break nearly in half. The shell was rather thick and dried out much quicker than fresh dough. Worse, it pitched a tent, going convex on me and letting the toppings roll off onto the grill surface.

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Sunday dinner: Grilled pizza II (pulled pork edition)

2013-06-09 at 17-55-14

The first grilled pizza had a problem. It was too thin and ended up with a char covering about 70 percent of the bottom. It stands to reason that more dough would provide a thicker base and absorb the heat better. Right? Right?

Well, sort of.

The first pizza was made on dough from Columbus Bakery and weighed in at 16 oz. Today, I went for the Wegmans dough that tips the scale at 28 oz. I thought about peeling some off and going for a 20 to 22 oz. pizza, but laziness and exhaustion from the chest cold combined with the unanswered question of what to do with the leftover dough got in my way. Continue reading Sunday dinner: Grilled pizza II (pulled pork edition)

Sunday dinner: Medigan breakfast pizza and more food racism

I dislike everything about the recipe I’m going to share with you, but I can’t resist. I love breakfast pizza. I also love Pillsbury Crescent Rolls. As a self-avowed food racist, I shouldn’t like Crescent rolls. They are everything that is wrong with America: processed food from a tube that is the bakery equivalent of green bean casserole.

As a child, we did not eat a lot of Pillsbury heat-n-eat products. Come to think of it, we didn’t eat anything from the bread or roll family unless it was made by Wonder or an Italian bakery. Pillsbury, as my grandmother might have said, was medigan. Continue reading Sunday dinner: Medigan breakfast pizza and more food racism