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Sunday Dinner: Chicken Stew

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It’s not what I would call and “ordinary” chicken stew, nor would I call it chicken casserole, as authors Cathal Armstrong and David Hagedorn did in their book, My Irish Table: Recipes from the Homeland and Restaurant Eve. The story behind the dish is that Armstrong was cooking a chicken casserole on his off-day from helming the kitchen at D.C.’s Restaurant Eve. He got a call that President Obama was headed in for dinner. So, he stopped what he was doing, ran into work and cooked. He has included this story and recipe, which he calls President Obama Stew, in the aforementioned book.

This was a great Saturday evening dinner: there are a lot of ingredients, the recipe goes slowly and every flavor complements one another. It’s quite a thing.

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Al Dente On The Side: Basic Garlic Aioli

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An aioli is basically a Provençal mayonnaise. Rooted in coastal France, aioli and mayo share a lot of the same properties, namely egg and oil. It’s not a particularly healthy endeavor, though neither is mayonnaise when you come to think of it. And if you get skiddish about eating raw eggs, this is not likely for you either. But, if you can get over all that stuff, you will find a creamy, fatty, rich dressing that enhances the flavor of wherever it is applied. Just like mayonnaise. Continue reading Al Dente On The Side: Basic Garlic Aioli

Meatless Monday: Broccoli Cheddar Soup

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“You won’t eat broccoli cheddar soup, will you?”

It’s a question I posed to The Wife on Sunday (SIDE NOTE: For those of you new to Al Dente, those related to me by marriage, blood and otherwise are referred to as The Wife, The Kid, The Sister, et al . They have been dragged into this blog by me, so they receive the anonymity that they deserve.) as I prepared the grocery list. I have never seen her eat broccoli cheddar soup before while out to a restaurant, so I thought it was worth the question.

“Yeah. I’ll eat it, as long as it isn’t made with Velveeta.”

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Tuesday Dinner: Tomato and Sausage Risotto (or Why I Hate Pinterest)

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Melissa Hebert Meola, Martha Stewart accolyte and author of the Domestic Putterings blog, posted this to her Pinterest wall “Feed Yourself Why Not” last week. In my search for dinner ideas, I came across it and repinned it to my Pinterest wall “Things I Want To Cook.” Pinterest is fascinating to me, especially as the only heterosexual, naturally-born male in America that actively uses it. It’s a fantastic driver of traffic to Al Dente, and I’m grateful for that. It has led to more dinners featured on this blog than I can count.

It’s also everything I hate about people. Continue reading Tuesday Dinner: Tomato and Sausage Risotto (or Why I Hate Pinterest)

This Year at Al Dente: What We Ate

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Al Dente’s other annual post is what we ate. This past year was the busiest in terms of traffic to the site. For that I’m both happy and grateful. I can’t say that these are the best meals I’ve cooked in 2013, but they are the most popular.

Following are the 10 most-visited recipes of the past year.