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Saturday Dinner: Shot-And-A-Beer Pork

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“I want comfort food.”

The Wife makes this pronouncement frequently during the winter, a statement that typically results in my braising something. Short ribs. Pot roast. Chicken. Short ribs.

“I think I want Mexican.”

She took an interesting turn. Mexican comfort food usually results in Chipotle or a trip to The Mission. I wasn’t really interested making a messy enchilada or cooking all day to make a burrito. I thought maybe posole, a rich stew made with hominy, might work but time was going to be an issue and, from what I can tell, a good posole needs a solid six hours to simmer. I would have half that.

I came across this recipe at one of those aggregators that pop up at the top of the Google results when you search for something. Booze works for me, as does pork shoulder. I mean, you can never go wrong with pork shoulder.

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Saturday Dinner: Macaroni and Cheese Part VII

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Previous Macaroni and Cheese editions:

If there is a question that defines my relationship with The Wife, and I mean the one question that one has asked the other more than any other over the course of our time together, it would be this:

What do you want to do for dinner?

It was the question I posed to The Wife on Saturday before she left for a baby shower. “On days like today,” The Wife said, readying herself to brush 6 inches of snow from the car, “I want comfort food, like mac and cheese.”

Okay,  so macaroni and cheese it was. But, I wasn’t just going to melt some cheddar and bake it with pasta. No, I wanted something different. Why not something Mexican/Texican inspired? A previous macaroni and cheese iteration here added black beans and guacamole. This time around, I opted for some good cheese, black beans, poblano peppers and cilantro.

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Saturday dinner: Short ribs provencal


If the world were a right and just place, I would have time to cook more food by braising. You draw out so much flavor from the meat when it cooks slowly for hours in a low heat oven. Fat melts into flavor. Marrow melts into sauce. It’s quite beautiful.

I like braising short ribs on a cold night. It has that hearty, comfort food feel that warms you from the inside. We’ve certainly had colder days this winter (hell, we’ve had colder days this week) than Saturday, but it would have to do. Short ribs are like ice cream: when I get it into my head that I want to eat them, it’s best to just appease me. Otherwise, I become a miserable and grumpy little bitch.

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Sunday dinner: Garlic pot roast

IMG_0959“I’m feeling something pot roasty for dinner.” I was making the grocery list as The Wife supervised breakfast for The Kid and musing about the evening’s potential dinner candidates.

“So what are going to make?” She walked right into it.

“Uhhhh. A pot roast?”

She says that we should talk more, but she usually ends up in this spot. This is not new. I’ve been pulling this crap for the 26 years we’ve been together (okay, so it’s more like 17…who’s counting?). Continue reading Sunday dinner: Garlic pot roast

Saturday dinner: Chicken and biscuits

Entertaining a group is a challenge, in a good way. Entertaining a group that has children involved is just a challenge.

I use the opportunity of having friends over for dinner to try something new. Try something new, pull out some stops, and leave ’em wanting more, right? The problem is that one can’t get particularly crazy when kids are involved. You still have to stay pretty vanilla to keep their attention.

Saturday night brought friends to the house, including two single-digit aged boys. Now, since The Kid exists solely on breakfast food, I don’t worry too much about her. Our friends’ sons are less picky about the food they eat, but I did not want to do anything to scare them away from the table.

Autumn brings the clarion call for comfort food. A stew sounded good, but I wanted something more. The best chicken and biscuits I’ve ever had is served on a regular basis at Jake Hafner’s in North Syracuse. I figured the chicken stew would be easy and that I would just pick up some biscuits during Saturday’s trip to the farmer’s market.

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Macaroni and Cheese: Part I

There’s a certain lack of consistency in my family’s food-related decision making. Add macaroni and cheese to the list. As kids, my sister and I ate from the blue box with the powdered orange cheese (but never with hot dogs…weird). I didn’t know that people made their own until I first had it at my in-laws house.

Mac and cheese has attained comfort food status; a harbinger of our childhood. And, like most comfort foods, it’s wildly unhealthy. My mother-in-law is no stranger to calorie-packed meals and her recipe for macaroni and cheese is no different. The final product is a dense blend of pasta and cheese that fills you with no need for seconds.

I’ve tweaked the recipe from time to time, adding some cajun seasoning and using different cheeses (fontina, queso blanco, havarti), but this is the base recipe. Tomorrow, I’m going to offer a different take on the dish, utilizing one of my favorite ingredients. Continue reading Macaroni and Cheese: Part I