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Tuesday Dinner: Steak and Eggs

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Sometimes you want something light for dinner. I’ve cooked with a lot of cream and butter recently, so this week for dinner I wanted to offer some choices that were not as rich or heavy on the stomach.

Naturally, steak and eggs came to mind.

This Southwest-style steak and eggs dish came from Julia’s Album, a nifty food blog with a fairly large readership. Now, Julia intended this to be a breakfast selection, but I’ve found that there is little that you make for the first meal that you cannot make for your evening sitdown. The Wife is a proponent of the breakfast-for-dinner movement, so this was an easy choice. Continue reading Tuesday Dinner: Steak and Eggs


Tuesday Dinner: Breakfast Tacos with Chorizo

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Here’s my problem, and it is truly an issue faced only by white people living in the suburbs: There’s only one place in Syracuse that I can find fresh chorizo. While I really like Nichols Supermarket in the village of Liverpool, it’s a little out of the way and they don’t always have it in stock. It’s also not a product that they custom make by the order. Now, the way I should deal with this is to buy about 5 lbs. worth, break it into half-pound portions and freeze it for later use. But, planning ahead…yeah. You know how that goes.

Everything else in town, from Nojaim Bros. on the Near Westside to Wegmans, carries a cured sausage. You can heat it and eat it, but the flavors don’t quite assimilate with everything like fresh. It’s like buying prepared cookie dough and adding extra chocolate chips. It will work, but you can tell the difference.

But, we’re located in the Northeast and not the Southwest. The availability of chorizo is a take-what-you-can-get situation. In the future, I’ll have to take what I can get from Nichols. Continue reading Tuesday Dinner: Breakfast Tacos with Chorizo

Tuesday Dinner: Ham and Gouda Frittata

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Sick of hearing how sick I am yet?

Fine. I’ll stop. I am feeling a little better, though I don’t have much sense of taste at this point. It’s very difficult for me to cook without this, as I tend to do a lot of tasting along the way while preparing a meal. It’s the primary reason why we end up running out of spoons so quickly between dishwasher runs. There’s really no other way to check and recheck salt, pepper, herbs, bitterness, sourness, et al.

So, tonight I went with something where I really shouldn’t taste the liquid in the pan. Eggs. Salmonella is a pisser, so I was content to let things cook and let the added ham and cheeses handle the salt for me.

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Meatless Tuesday: Chard Frittata


Monday being a national holiday meant that my garbage pickup is pushed back one day. In the spirit of the holiday, I pushed Meatless Monday off as well.

The weather has been a mitigating factor in the last two dinners here at Al Dente HQ. Monday evening’s sausage, peppers and onions were moved indoors when the skies opened and the lightning came. Of course, that happened when The Wife and The Kid were in the neighbor’s pool. We relocated to safety and I decided not to stand outside in the driving rain behind a stainless steel lightning conductor attached to a tank of flammable gas.

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Tuesday dinner: Kale and chorizo frittata

2013-03-11 at 17-23-50My love affair with chorizo has been well documented here. Though I have made my own in the past, for convenience sake, I would just assume purchase a good quality cured version at the grocery store. For the longest time, that meant trekking down to Syracuse’s Near West Side and shopping at Nojaim Brothers. Nojaim’s is located in a rather ethnic area of town and serves a large Latin-American population.

Recently, the Wegmans in Fairmount has stepped up its charcuterie game (that entire sentence was just as weird to write as it is to read). I’ve noticed that other stores in the chain have robust, standalone sections near the deli with cured salamis, sausages, and other high-salt, high-flavor offerings. In particular, the Wegmans in Nazareth, Pa. has a great section. Slowly, but surely, this section of the Fairmount store’s deli is growing. You can now buy all sorts of sausage at the deli, including Hartmann’s-brand chorizo and andouille. Yes, I know, Hartmann’s doesn’t quite have that authentic Spanish ring to its name, but you learn to make due. Continue reading Tuesday dinner: Kale and chorizo frittata