Dave Makes Good Nuts

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I’ve never met Dave Gadlin, but he seems like a good egg. His company, the aptly named Dave’s Meat and Nuts, launches a Kickstarter campaign on Saturday in order to raise capital and capacity.

Dave, who identifies himself as the Chief Executive Jerk of Dave’s Meat and Nuts, a CIA-trained chef that spent years working in New York City restaurants. He got out of the Big Apple and relocated to California’s Napa Valley, where he may have been seen recently in newspapers nationwide cleaning up after an earthquake. Surrounded by quality ingredients and great partners, he set out to make Dave’s Meat and Nuts a full-time business.

His issue comes with capacity. Commercial smokehouses are built to smoke large quantities of meat (think 50 or 100 lbs.). Dave has a relationship with a smoker who does his 10-pound jobs, but he finds himself a low priority. By establishing himself and building a base, he can get a better place in line. Money talks, right?

Dave sent along an assortment of goodies. Right now, he is concentrating on four styles of jerky — dry classic, dry cinammon jerk, moist root beer habanero and moist ghost pepper — and four flavors of roasted almonds.

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To The Wife’s dismay, I inhaled the butter toffee nuts. You really can’t go wrong with toffee, right? The citrus chili had me intrigued as well. The oils from the citrus zest penetrate the nut, while the  chili flavor is a nice punch. I’ve left the honey cinnamon and honey raspberry for The Wife to try.

2014-10-27 at 18-52-24

Dave sent along all but the classic jerky. I’ve only tried the root beer habanero, because ghost pepper scares me and cinnamon jerk will be a treat for another time. His jerkys are cut from the pectoral muscle of grass-fed cows from the West coast. The root beer extract had that earthy sweetness that you would expect, while the habanero waits a minute or two before punching you in the face and letting you know who is boss. Everything I have tasted so far is of exceptional quality.

Dave’s Kickstarter levels include shipping and are not far off from what you might pay for gourmet jerky or nuts.

I don’t like doing endorsements, but I’ll say this: Dave believes strongly in his nuts and works hard to get his meat out there. You could spend $8 on worse things — all of the ingredients you would need to make your own flavored roasted almonds, the new Taylor Swift album, two packages of gas station jerky — but why would you, when you can let Dave do all of the work?

NOTE: I received free product, but no monetary compensation, to review for this post. I have no stake in Dave’s company or its success, other than he seems nice and sent me free food. He promises coupon codes and products to giveaway after the  Kickstarter ends. In the meantime, if you want the ghost pepper (I keep it in the envelope because it really does scare me) let me know in the comments below or via Twitter and I’ll send it your way. All you have to do is let me know, so I can let Dave know, what you think.


2 thoughts on “Dave Makes Good Nuts”

  1. Thanks for the great write up. I am glad you enjoyed them. will reach out to you as soon as the Kickstarter is over and get a cool contest/giveaway for your readers.
    Dave’s Meat& Nuts

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