The Al Dente Labor Day Guide to Cooking Something Awesome Because Summer Is Almost Over And You’re Hungry

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It’s Labor Day Weekend. No, really I looked at the calendar and everything (Side note: Lately, I’ve been having a problem remembering simple things like appointments, what day it is, people’s names… I’m also not sleeping well. According to the WebMD Symptom Checker, I could have Lyme Disease, brain cancer or early-onset Alzheimer’s. My co-worker, Katrina, a social worker and one of our dementia experts, seems to think I may be a hypochondriac. She may be closer.) and this Monday is Labor Day.

Labor Day is awful because of its connection to the school calendar. It was awful as a kid because it meant school started that week. It was awful in college because it meant that I would have to start paying attention in class. It’s awful as an adult because I married a high school teacher that drifts manically between emotions. If anger turned outward is rage and anger turned inward is depression, anger turned sideways is a teacher 10 days before the first day of school.

But, as you watch the summer drift away into a pile of leaves that become compacted into 3 feet of snow because your town cut its budget and can’t afford more than one fall lawn waste pickup, you have an entire three-day weekend to embark on one last summer cooking challenge. Not just shrimp cocktail, but grilled shrimp on a skewer. Not just chicken breasts, but a spatchcooked herb-grilled chicken. Not just…you get the idea.

So for you, dear reader, I offer some ideas of what you should cook this weekend. Your grocer and butcher have meat. Your fishmonger has fish.

2014-06-14 09.42.19

Not At All Complicated Meat Dishes

Photo Jun 28, 12 24 50 PMBurgers Because America!

See the froth? It's time to flip your 'shrooms.
See the froth? It’s time to flip your ‘shrooms.

Not-Meat Burgers for the Vegetarian Chick That Haunts You


Fish! Because It’s Good! (Except for Tilapia)

2014-07-04 at 11-39-18Side Dishes Because You Got Invited To A Cookout


2 thoughts on “The Al Dente Labor Day Guide to Cooking Something Awesome Because Summer Is Almost Over And You’re Hungry”

  1. I outdoor-grilled tilapia fillets in foil packets with an impromptu ratatouille-style vegetable melange and a good squeeze of lime one time, for a party where the hostess was a pescetarian and appealed to me to think of a dinner dish that would go over well with everyone (it absolutely did). It will change your mind about tilapia, I am sure. Don’t write it off.

    1. Maybe. I don’t know. It seems overdone right now. I’m obsessed with eating raw fish currently (shellfish, sashimi) so, the prospects of me jumping on the tilapia wagon before next spring is unlikely. My kitchen has terrible ventilation so wintertime fish cooking means that my first floor stinks like chum for a month. Thanks for visiting!

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