Grocery List: August 3, 2014

Photo Aug 03, 10 48 02 AM (HDR)

It’s August. This fact haunts me.

The Wife and I have slightly predictable work calendars. As a teacher, she has a summer break window that leaves July and August wide open for her. In my case, my busiest season of the year culminates with five Walk To End Alzheimer’s events in five weeks during September and October.

My return to the office from our July vacation usually starts the ramping up of our marketing and communications efforts for the Walks. Not this year. I’ve been elbow deep in event marketing mode since June, and the fact that my calendar now reads August means that we are getting closer and closer to those fundraisers.

I’m beginning my 12th Walk season on the Chapter staff and I go into each fall with the same set of butterflies about each event. That today is August 2 means that those winged animals are getting closer to roosting.

With Walk on the mind, I would direct you to The Chain Challenge and ask for your help in making a food snob (me) bristle. This should be funny, if nothing else.


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