Grocery List: July 27, 2014


As I write this, The Kid is defenestrating the dolls from her dollhouse. Everyone is being forced out of the same third floor window of her Fisher Price Loving Family dollhouse. I would take a picture, but I’ve been yelled at twice for looking at her.

It’s been a very four-year-old weekend around Al Dente HQ. The Kid, has been mad at me since she woke up on Saturday morning. For example, I was yelled at by her for the following grave offenses during our weekly trip to the CNY Regional Market:

  • Making her go to the market
  • Not taking her to Starbucks afterwards
  • Not going the right way to the market
  • Parking at the market in a spot she did not approve of
  • Making her ride in a stroller at the market
  • Stopping to look at produce
  • Choosing the bunch of chard that I bought (she liked a different one)
  • Not getting to Deborah, the gluten-free baker we like, fast enough
  • Leaving the farmer’s market
  • Honking the horn when we were nearly sideswiped
  • Making a right turn
  • Telling her she could not put her window down when we were on the highway
  • Telling her that she could put her window down when we exited the highway
  • Putting her window down for her
  • Pulling into the wrong side of the driveway
  • Helping her get out of the car
  • Asking her to get out of the car on her own
  • Closing the door and telling her she could stay in the car (in case Nancy Grace reads this, the windows were down)

We took some time away from each other and seem to be amid a period of detente. That said, I can’t wait to take her grocery shopping this week. It should be delightful.

It amazes me how children can go from sweet, loving beings to evil little monsters exhibiting the worst, most extreme personality traits inherited from you and your mate. By no means was yesterday terrible. She was simply demanding about everything. That said, the really bad days are an amalgam of hellish behaviors. It’s great.

And like that, I was just yelled at for looking at her. Should be a good day.


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