She’s Gone

My MacBookPro died.

I’m a little heartbroken.

She’s been with me since 2010. It was one of the 17-inch models. 8 gigs of RAM. She gave me her all for four years.

Tonight when we came home, I tried booting her up and she gave me the screen you typically get when you first boot it up out of the box. Wilkommen. Bienvenue. Bienvenidos.

I reset the SMC, PRAM, and attempted a safe mode reboot. It was at this point that I noticed my hard drive was no longer spinning.

And then the screen went black.

And now she won’t boot up.

I can recount every computer I have ever owned. It started with an
Apple IIc, which ran like Jim Brown until high school when I got my first Mac, an SE-30 that I bought from a teacher. I moved to a Performa 200 late in high school and took that to college. It died on me, so I went to a Performa 6116 with a CD-ROM. That got me through grad school, when I moved to an iBook. Faulty logic boards saw that replaced three times in five years. Those substitutes carried me to 2010 and the silver cased notebook sitting on my coffee table.

Thank God for incremental backups.

And now a moment of silence.


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