NYC Foodellaneous II


We walked The High Line today from its start in the Meatpacking District to its end in Hell’s Kitchen. The Wife had asked for “off the beaten path” while we were in New York and I couldn’t think of a better attraction. We covered 20+ New York blocks from an elevated train platform that has been converted into a public greenspace.

At 15th Street, The High Line turns into a mini market of artisan food carts. For me, the main attraction was my reunion with Blue Bottle Coffee. Based in San Francisco, BBC is now bicoastal offering its fair trade coffees. For me, it’s all about the New Orleans Iced Coffee, drawn from a beer tap and served with a splash of cream. It gets its name from the chicory with which it is brewed. BBC is now packaging it in half-pint milk cartons and selling it in the cold case at Whole Foods Markets and their stores.

The carts include Delaney Barbecue, People’s Pops, L’Arte del Gelato, a taco stand and a few others.


We have spent time at the city’s four big name food markets: Eataly, Hudson Eats, Chelsea Market and Gotham West. Each of them bring something different to the table, though it is tough to compare them. Eataly is beyond compare. I have mixed feelings here. Part of me loves Eataly for all that it is. It’s a beautiful market of reasonably priced food, high priced baubles and, oh yeah, there are some restaurants and a really cool beer bar on the roof. But, at the end of the day, it’s one business.

Chelsea Market is the closest thing to Ferry Building Marketplace that you will find in New York. The former Nabisco factory holds a handful of offices plus, oh yeah, a dozen or so purveyors and a couple of restaurants. We ate at The Lobster Place’s oyster bar, Cull & Pistol, on Saturday (more on that to come) and wandered the shops for goodies. I picked up some salt and olive oil at The Filling Station.

Okay, so I’m burying the lead. I bought a 2 oz. jar of black truffle salt and a 12 oz. bottle of olive oil with a grassy, basil flavor. By the time we got near Fat Witch, on the recommendation of a friend, it was time for us to leave and meet that friend for drinks down the street. There will be another time for that.

Gotham West is a funky little collection of restaurants in Hell’s Kitchen. We had lunch at Choza and watched the beginning of the Mexico-Netherlands World Cup match. We chose that over sandwiches from Court Street Sandwiches, Ivan Ramen, and Communal Food and Drink.

Hudson Eats is less market and more food court. Located across from the 9/11 Museum on Vesey Street, it took us 10 minutes to figure out how to get inside. Much of this building, Brookfield Place, is under construction so an endless loop of tunnels and hallways get you…nowhere. If you can find the food court, you are rewarded with a half dozen fast food counters, including Umami Burger. It was the least impressive of the four stops.


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