Social Media Breakfast Syracuse Program Featuring Me and Three People Who Have Never Been In My Kitchen

ALERT: Shameless Plug Ahead
ALERT II: The three people who have never been in my kitchen reference is from one of the best episodes of Cheers ever filmed

In addition to my day job, chasing The Kid, serving The Wife, and providing quality food writing to you, dear reader, I serve on the advisory committee for something called Social Media Breakfast Syracuse. It’s a group of Syracuse-area professionals that get together on a monthly basis to discuss social media during breakfast. The group is nothing if not cleverly named. It’s part-learning, part-noshing, and part-networking.

On June 26, I will be leading a panel discussion on Social Media and Food. It’s the first of a series on the topic, and this one focuses on food bloggers. I will be joined by:

  • Margaret McCormick of Eat First, formerly of The Post-Standard and fellow St. Bonaventure University alum.
  • Sunny Hernandez of For Your Pies Only, who pays her bills as the community engagement lead for Syracuse Media Group
  • Zainab Mansaray of Blahnik Baker, who spends her free time studying neuroscience

We’re going to talk about some food-related things, but generally these discussions have transferrable themes. What applies to food may apply to your brand or business. I know I sound biased, but if you are in Syracuse I would encourage you to attend. If nothing else, you get to see if I can go 90 whole excruciating minutes without swearing.



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