Grocery List: June 8, 2014


So, dear reader, you have probably noticed the new look of things here at Al Dente . I try to change things up about once a year, as long as it makes things easier to navigate. I like the layout of this new format, including the nifty little featured space at the top of the page. I’ll keep that populated with things like my last restaurant review or something I’m particularly happy with from the kitchen.

It is Sunday morning here at Al Dente HQ and, thanks to an assist from The In-Laws, The Kid had an overnight. This is a trial run for the end of the month (more on that later) when The Wife and I leave town for a few days. The Kid has spent evenings there in the past, but this is the first time she has slept in a “Big Girl” bed at their house. Prior to that, it was pack-and-play, but those aren’t made for 47-month-olds that are nearly 4 feet tall.

So, The Kid slept in her aunt’s bed, surrounded by all of her aunt’s Winnie The Pooh paraphernalia. Good for her. Good for us. We started the evening at the Ironwood in Manlius before heading to Armory Square for a drink, then Brilbeck’s for additional mutually agreed upon libations (Abita Strawberry Harvest lager), and finally our patio, for drinks and mosquitos.

June is a busy month here. The Kid’s birthday is Wednesday and her party follows on Saturday. The senior ball at The Wife’s school was this past Friday and she goes into Regents Exam/end of school mode rather soon. But, we cap the month by heading to New York City for a weekend of eating. Yes, we’re going to see The Sister. We have tickets for the 9/11 Museum and Memorial, as well as Ellis Island. But, we also have reservations at Cull & Pistol, Colicchio & Sons, and Gato: an oyster bar in Chelsea Market, the flagship NYC outpost for the “Top Chef” host, and Bobby Flay’s newest creation. And we’re going to check out Gotham West and Brookfield Place (home of NYC’s newest Umami Burger). And maybe Katz’s Delicatessen after a trip New Beer Distributors for an Abita Root Beer restock.

It’s a weekend devoted to consumption.

I’m bringing extra Zantac and elastic waistbands.


One thought on “Grocery List: June 8, 2014”

  1. It sounds like a great trip. I love the pastrami sandwich at Katz’s Deli. I’ll have to try the others on your list the next time I visit Jesse.

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