Grocery List: May 18, 2014


The Kid is walking around the house giving orders and drinking coffee from a Starbucks cup. It’s not really coffee, but a Starbucks plastic cup with milk and enough coffee to turn it brown.

It’s strange what children will eat and won’t eat. She will eat pizza, intermittently. She just discovered chicken nuggets. She loves coffee. She might like apples and strawberries, depending on the week. She does not like other berries or fruit. She scoffs at cheese.

But coffee? The Kid will drink coffee all day long. The Wife drank decaf while she was pregnant, a means of tricking her brain into maintaining the connection between the flavor of coffee and the caffeine-related boost, so it’s very possible that The Kid came out of the womb with her own coffee dependency. Of course, she also ate a lot of beef while she was pregnant (for the iron) and The Kid doesn’t want anything to do with burgers, steaks or hot dogs.

It’s a charmed life, really.


Yesterday at the farmer’s market, I tripped over a new entry from Bainbridge, N.Y. in Chenango County. This is the first time I remember seeing Hellers Farm in Syracuse, though I’ve probably walked past them before. This weekend, they had three or four large tables full of mushrooms dug from their land, as well as shallots, greens and ramps. Have never tried the latter before, I picked up a bunch. Wonderfully fragrant, my refrigerator has the flowery smell of green onions right now. I think they will become part of a risotto on Monday evening. Hellers cans its own salsas and pickles, which they also had for sale. The girl running the table said that they find out week to week if there is room for them. Look for them in the B Aisle. I’m curious to see what they will be bringing next weekend.

Speaking of next weekend at the market, I think I’m picking up herbs and plants for the season. I’ll definitely do 1-2 pots of tomatoes (There’s so much rock in the soil behind my house and I don’t really want to till anything. Plus, we have rabbits, outdoor cats and the like.), plus the usual complement of herbs — parsley, basil, cilantro and lemon thyme. I might do peppers this summer too. I’m not ready to do a raised bed, a la Margaret McCormick’s contraption. Any thoughts from you, dear reader, on what I can do in planters this summer?


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