Grocery List: May 4, 2014

5414Having friends over for dinner is fun. Having friends over for dinner at the last minute? Even more fun. That’s where the challenge is, right, turning loaves into fishes to feed the flock?

I texted my friend Mike late in the morning to see if he and his family was interested in dinner and other familyesque shenanigans (Mike and his wife have three kids, one of whom is the same age as The Kid.). Having brought The Kid to the CNY Regional Market and Starbucks for some quality time, I decided a nap was in order. At 2 p.m., I had not heard anything from Mike, so I went to Wegmans and picked up some spare ribs that I was going to oven roast for The Wife and I. I grabbed some baby white potatoes to boil and some greens, figuring I could make something saladlike for the side.

At 3:30 p.m., a little less than halfway through the rib roasting, I got a message back from Mike. They were in for dinner.


So, after going back and forth mentally about what I was going to do, I rummaged through the freezer and found some chicken stew. Perfect. That went on the stove with some stock. They brought Italian bread and there it was: dinner for two was now dinner for four adults and three kids that were probably not going to eat anything (and didn’t).

It’s Sunday morning and The Kid is mid-meltdown, the result of being sent to her room for hitting The Wife. She hit The Wife because she didn’t get her way. Over the color of a spoon. And for not saying please. She doesn’t turn four years old until June, but we’re very much four already. My favorite behavioral tantrum is when she suddenly becomes a paraplegic and unable to walk. No, seriously, she tells us that her legs no longer work and will actually army crawl on her elbows, crying, because no one will help her. It’s delightful. Of course, 30 seconds after coming back down, we are smiles and rainbows. “Daddy! We have Frozen fruit snacks!!”

Sigh. I was thinking about starting a Tumblr where I can post instant updates of whatever four-year-old moment is taking place, but I’m not sure I can handle living the tantrum/outburst/episode twice.

Otherwise, dear reader, there are two things that you can do. Last week, I was on Todd Lewandowski’s Radio Blast podcast. Go ahead and give it a listen. Also, I’m still collecting ideas for a CNY/Upstate NY food box that is going to go to Arkansas. I think I’m going to put that together next weekend. And this week, we’ll be talking about Downtown Syracuse dining and the CNY Regional Market. Stay tuned.


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