Hear Me Talk Good

I spent about an hour last night on the phone with one of my St. Bonaventure University classmates, Todd Lewandowski, for his podcast. You know Todd from his list of Buffalo food and an essay about a hamburger. Not unlike how I use this blog for to expand my writing, Todd does his podcast to scratch the lingering itch of radio, a passion of his. Todd was a mainstay voice at our campus radio station, WSBU, while I was working at the newspaper (aptly titled The Bona Venture). We had mutual friends, knew each other peripherally, but really didn’t interact a heck of a lot on campus.

It’s funny how these things work. In the past 3 or 4 years, I have talked more to Todd and some others from my college days on Facebook then I ever did while I was on campus. Conversely, there are people who stood up in my wedding that I haven’t talked to since my wedding. One of them has become totally lost to the ether, disappearing off the face of the Earth with nary a trace of his existence left on Google.

We spend our 20s (and 30s to an extent) evolving, maturing and figuring out who we are. In college, Todd was the brash, know-it-all radio mouth. Today, he’s not as brash and not as know-it-all. Me? I don’t know what I was. I’m still not sure what I am. I know that I’m not 21 anymore. I know that my trademark temper has disappeared and that I’m more apt to let things go. I’m also more likely to listen to what others say before ramming my opinion/decision down people’s throats.

I think the better question is where are we now? We’re both someone’s husband and someone else’s father. We have both seen and experienced things have shaped us (for good and bad). We’re both fun to drink with. And, most importantly, we have a better grasp on who we want to be and are doing what we can to get there. Is Todd going to lapse Adam Carolla or Joe Rogan for podcast downloads? Doubtful. Am I going to get a cookbook deal and a national stage to talking about food and cooking? No. But, we have found a way to flex our creative muscles and share what’s in our head, even if no one pays attention. And that might be more important.

Anyhow, check out my appearance and give Todd’s Radioblast a listen.


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