Grocery List: March 30, 2014


I wore a short-sleeved t-shirt outside yesterday. It was 60 at one point in Syracuse.This morning when I woke up (or, more accurately, when The Kid came in the room and tickled my ears), there was snow on the ground. Hmm.

The Wife continues to deride this winter and its length. To her credit, it has been brutally cold and very snowy, but we’ve been spoiled recently. After a series of relatively mild winters, we were whacked upside the head by Mother Nature’s cold-weather fury. Frankly, I don’t think it’s much worse than some of the winters from my childhood. That hasn’t stopped others who live in this town from living in complete and total surprise that winter in Syracuse might be, you know, cold and snowy. These, of course, are the same people who drive 15 MPH on local interstates at the first sign of a flurry each fall.

My aunt Carolyn finally had enough of Syracuse winters and moved west. She lives in Las Vegas and deals with snow once every other year. Aunt Carolyn might be the only person I know to get so fed up with winter that she blew out and permanently moved. The In-Laws return this week from a month of snowbirding to Myrtle Beach. That doesn’t count. They are hiding; my aunt escaped. In my nearly 37 years of living in Western and Central New York, I am at peace with winter. The season is annoying, but I have four-wheel drive and it gives me an excuse to cook more soup (soup in the summer feels unnatural) and drink heavy beer.

So, I’m sick of the endless conversation that I wander by at Wegmans, in Starbucks or online about being sick of winter. Those conversations will soon wane, though. They’ll be replaced by the ones that sound like this: “Eww. It’s so hot and humid outside.”



On another note, I’ll be vacating the Greater Syracuse area next weekend for a conference in Washington, D.C. There will be no grocery list, but definitely recipes and other goodness. And, with the return of The In-Laws, there is likely to be a restaurant review or two in the near future.


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