Grocery List: February 2, 2014 (or Quo Vadimus)

feb2This blog has been fun to write over the past few years. It’s been a tough task, but I have my daily visits up to a decent number that continues to grow at a good rate. Sure, I would love to have the traffic of The Pioneer Woman or Panini Happy and be considered an influencer by companies (see also: free product), but I’m comfortable with where this blog stands.

This past week has been quite a thing to watch from behind the scenes. My review of Laci’s Tapas Bar created the busiest two-day period in Al Dente history and has vaulted to 5th on my list of most viewed pages. I’m astounded at the response and if you are reading this post as the result of that post, welcome.

I’ve also hit a crossroads as to what I should do next. Last year, I posted some resolutions of things I wanted to do with the blog. First was, “Want to market this blog better. I’ve been puttering around at a static readership number for about a year. I want to push that needle further to the right.” That has improved, though that’s something that will always be on my radar. The rest:

  • “Am going to give Thai food a better shot.” I did. Still don’t like it.
  • “Am going to sit down for a meal at a Vietnamese restaurant.” Not quite, but I’ve consumed more banh mis.
  • “Will not go out for lunch as much. $6 here, $8 there…it adds up after a while.” That I have succeeded at.
  • “Want to work more vegetables into dinnertime. So, more trips to the Farmer’s market and maybe a CSA.” We did more of the former than the latter once we found the number of gluten free bakers that come to the Central New York Regional Market each week.
  • “Plan to eat more locally raised meat.” I don’t think I did well there.
  • “Want to broaden Meatless Monday.” That I think I have done.
  • “Might reorganize this blog so the categories and tags make the posts easier to search and reference.” I did a little of that.
  • “Want to spend more time eating dinner with my friends, particularly the ones I don’t see as often.” I never do enough of that, but I’ve tried.
  • “Want to cook a duck or a rabbit. Maybe both.” Flunked that one.

My last resolution from that list was “May move the blog to a dedicated server so that I have more control over things like design and syndication.” That I’m considering very seriously. The only thing is that I would have to start allowing advertising to offset the cost of server space, which does not excite me. But, it might be the next step to help Al Dente grow and make the next step to whatever else the next step is.


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