Thanksgiving 2013 In Review

photoMy co-worker Toni sent me a text message about going to the Wegmans in Dewitt on Wednesday morning to grocery shop for Thanksgiving (it appears at right).

I am not afraid of grocery store crowds. They annoy me, but the people who shop on the day before a major holiday are largely driven, organized shoppers with lists and an idea of where everything is. It’s the “Do I Want 1% or 2% Milk Because I Am Incapable of Making Decisions” Sunday shopper that sends me into stages of madness.

Now, all of that said, Wegmans Dewitt at 8:30 a.m. on the day before Thanksgiving was…moderately busy. I’ve tried shopping there when it is overflowing with people and it’s rough. Wednesday’s trip was easy. (I go across town to the “Big Wegmans” because they have an unbelievable selection of things I can’t get at my store around the corner. Add in a quick stop at the liquor store, and our trip took less than 45 minutes.

That may have been the worst of the week. Otherwise, dinner went together without a lot of problem. I herb- and salt-crusted the turkey, which produced an awesome result. I made the gravy using frozen homemade turkey stock and fresh pan drippings. (Mmmmm…pan drippings.) The stuffing came from The Mother-In-Law and was warmed. The Sister was on mashed potato duty and used both a ricer and hand mixer to prep 5 lbs. of Yukon Gold.

I added three sides that worked out with differing success. The caramelized corn was strong, the Old Bay roasted sweet potatoes were good but missing something. The Brussels sprouts were a disappointment. I’ll offer posts on all three this week.

And now that the heavy lifting is done, I have about two weeks to come up with menus for Christmas Eve and Day.

Easy peasy.


One thought on “Thanksgiving 2013 In Review”

  1. We, too, consider the James Street vs. DeWitt conundrum. Shorter trip and smaller store, or drive farther and get a better selection that you must navigate miles of aisles to place in your cart? Truthfully, though, I like Cicero Wegmans the best. Not too small, not too mega, and it plays the 70s station on its music system. Have a good day, Jared.

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