A Very Al Dente Thnxgvng: Mashed Potatoes Because You’re An Idiot

So the bad news is, yeah, when Aunt Hortense asked you to bring the potatoes, she was basically calling you a nigh-useless human dumpster fire who can’t be trusted to crank open a can of cranberry jelly without sawing both your arms off and staggering over a cliff.

How To Make Mashed Potatoes (Because That’s All They’ll Let You Make), by Albert Burnenko at Deadspin.com

Jared’s Note: We’re posting some thoughts throughout the week on cooking Thanksgiving dinner, as we are prepping to host it here at Al Dente HQ. Stragglers and strays are welcome, pending a doctor’s physical. Some of these will be useful, some will be funny. Some will be both. Some will be neither.

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