A Very Al Dente Thnxgvng: Choose Your Weapon Wisely

Which knife do you find yourself using the most? Which have you had the longest? Chances are, one of those will be the best choice for dealing with holiday meats. It makes no significant difference what the handle is made out of, how much the knife cost, whether it’s full bolster or double bolster, or whether it was made in Germany or Japan; what is significant is that your movements with a familiar, time-tested blade will naturally be more nimble and precise than they would be with a long, cumbersome one that gets trotted out once a year.

In Gear: Knives and Tools for Bird Carving, by Amanda Clarke for Serious Eats

Jared’s Note: We’re posting some thoughts throughout the week on cooking Thanksgiving dinner, as we are prepping to host it here at Al Dente HQ. Stragglers and strays are welcome, pending an pre-screening performed by The Sister. Some of these will be useful, some will be funny. Some will be both. Some will be neither.


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