A Very Al Dente Thnxgvng: How Much Turkey Should I Buy?

Plan on about one pound of turkey per person, which translates to around half a pound of edible meat. That said, if you’re feeding a big crowd and have the space, it’s wiser to use two smaller birds than one large bird. Over 15 pounds or so, turkeys become more difficult to cook, take much longer, and are more prone to drying out.

The Complete 2013 Serious Eats Guide To Turkeys, by The Genius J. Kenji Lopez-Alt for Serious Eats

Jared’s Note: We’re posting some thoughts throughout the week on cooking Thanksgiving dinner, as we are prepping to host it here at Al Dente HQ. Stragglers and strays are welcome, pending credit approval. Some of these will be useful, some will be funny. Some will be both. Some will be neither.


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