Grocery List: November 10, 2013

photoHow is it possible that Multigrain Cheerios are so damn good?

I like the regular old oat cereal fine, but the multigrain is where it’s at. I recently finished a box of Frosted Cheerios and was unimpressed. Too sweet and they did not hold up well in milk. The regular and multigrain versions get soggy and that’s okay. The frosted developed a texture attitude after sitting too long in milk. They were crunchy, but not in the same way they were when dry. It was as if the milk changed the molecular profile of the Cherrios and created a breakfast with a superiority complex.

They are the Big Ten of the Cheerios family: it has a pedigree, it insists that it is better than everyone thinks it is, but at the end you are wondering why you even bothered.

Multigrain Cheerios bring a sweetness and a nice grain flavor. No attitude. If the original yellow box Cheerios are the gold standard SEC, Multigrain Cheerios are like the new Big East: Screw football, we do basketball well anyhow.

I suppose that makes Honey Nut Cheerios the Big XII: Powerful, a lot of muscle and a widespread appeal. And the ACC would be Apple Cinnamon Cherrios (and not just because of the initials): You’re supposed to think that they are good, but you walk away wanting more.

I have no idea what Fruity Cheerios or Dulce de Leche Cheerios are. Notre Dame would probably be Rice Krispies: once relevant, digestible in certain circumstances, inconsistent, soggy, and only the loyal stomach them. And it would probably make the former Big East/current American Athletic Conference like Malt-O-Meal: It looks the same and it might taste the same, but deep down inside, you know you are bellying up to an inferior product.

Anyhow, back to my original point. Multigrain Cheerios are really good.


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