Grocery List: November 3, 2013

Photo Nov 03, 9 26 21 AM (HDR)If you took 5:45 a.m. in the “When Will The Kid Wake Up On The First Morning of Daylight Savings Time” sweepstakes, you can claim your prize here. The Wife, God bless her, took her downstairs to snuggle and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She’s a nice lady and I’ll be sure to get her a nice Christmas present with the money she gives me.

There’s little to write about today. I wrote about a couple of restaurant visits, so that’s coming this week. I finished my fall beer list, so we’ll update that too.

Oh, wait a second. Here’s a question? When did Halloween turn into Christmas? I stood out on the porch on Thursday evening to hand out candy (and drink beer). When The Wife and The Kid came back from their family visits, it took two trips to unload the car. Apparently, rather than just collecting a couple of gluten-free candy bars at each stop, she hit a Vegas jackpot of books, cookies, and other delights. Three overloaded gift bags of stuff. Now, while it sounds like I’m ungrateful that people love my child and spend money on her, I am not. What you are reading is a statement of confusion about what connotates a gift-giving holiday.

It’s confusing, I must say.


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