Grocery List: October 13, 2013

photoAt some point last week, I celebrated the one-month anniversary of my neverending cold. Mucinex, Robitussin, Benadryl, Advil Congestion Relief and Sudafed were all among the over-the-counter candidates to fail in my quest for a cure. I finally broke down on Friday and went to the doctor, who told gave me an inhaler and told me to continue with Robitussin.

In the time it took me to get to the pharmacy, she had a change of heart and prescribed me amoxicillin. I still can’t taste anything, but I think I’m mending.


1382380_10101276669281376_1747524128_nOn Friday night, The Wife and I attended the VIP opening event at Revolutions in Destiny USA. The concept is adult playground (not that sort of playground). Two massive bars on either end of the club serve a viewing room for sporting events that seats 100, a Vegas-style showroom that seats 200, a moderately-sized dining space, and a 12-lane 24-lane bowling alley.

We checked out the landscape, grabbed a couple of drinks and settled in with some food, courtesy of the buffet stations that were reloaded through the night. They aren’t reinventing anything in the kitchen, but seem to do what they do well for the first night. It’s upscale bar fare, so wings and baby back ribs are joined with prime rib and various pastas.

I was most impressed with a selection of about 15 draught beers, with quite a few craft labels: Lagunitas, Southern Tier, Saranac (meh), and Empire dotted were up there next to the big names.

1394225_10101276690523806_2141879409_nThe Wife and I spent the bulk of the evening bowling. And drinking. Mostly bowling.

You check into a central area and reserve your shoes (and socks, if you’re like The Wife and wear open-toed). Our preview pass got us each three games. A host escorted us to the lane and showed us how to use the console to edit scores, call for a tech or buzz our server. The lane faced a 100-or-so-inch projection screen showing ESPN, while the overhead televisions mixed in sports and the lane’s scores. A leather couch is assigned to each lane and one of the managers said that coffee tables were on the way.

Our server kept us well-lubed and we were a short walk to the wing station, which made rolling our three games (in an upset, I beat The Wife two out of three) easier.

All in all, it cost us about $15 in tips (most to our bowling server). If I remember correctly, it’s about $10 per game to bowl plus $3.50 for shoes, so the evening could add up if you let it. But, I think it is a pretty cool concept that should do well here, as long as they stay true to the 21+ crowd and keep the teens out. I don’t see people my age laying out $50 to $75 for a night out if the unsupervised riff-raff is around.


I just reread that last paragraph and realized exactly how it sounded.


We’re entertaining tonight, so I’m going with a fall classic: pot roast. Rather than the garlic pot roast I made previously, going to just make things up as I go along and see how things come together. So far, I’ve added 1 1/2 lbs. of Yukon gold potatoes, a bunch of carrots, a dozen shallots, a bottle of malbec and about two cups of stock to the braising pan. It, along with a seared 4 lb. chuck roast, are resting comfortably in a 300-degree oven, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Or 5:30 p.m. Whatever comes first.

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