Grocery List: September 29/30, 2013

photo (1)This is what happens when The Wife makes the grocery list. Everything is out of order. She has me going from organic to dairy to paper products back to dairy. It’s chaos.

I should just be thankful that she gave me a game plan, but it would be unnatural if I didn’t complain about something in my first post back from my self-imposed break.

It’s tough for me to write with any real concentration during the three or four weeks that are bookended by Walk To End Alzheimer’s events. Saturday marked my first day off in three weeks. On Sunday, I was in Ithaca, and our largest Walk (by dollars and people) is six days away in Syracuse. It’s tiring, but nice to see the people in each of our locales that I only get to see once a year. It reminds me that my organization is as much there’s as it is mine. The cause transcends my 19-day stretch of work or the 26 of 27 days I will work in September and October. Sometimes, self-absorbed people like myself need to be reminded that it’s not all about me.

Anyhow, this stretch of work means a series of uninspired dinners, a lot of takeout and rushed grocery trips on Mondays, where I end up forgetting various things.

I think I’m back. I have no dinner plan for the week, so we’ll see how that goes.


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