Grocery List: August 18, 2013 (or Couponomics)

I’ve talked about coupons here before and my coupon libertarianism. I think a coupon is a coupon and it should be accepted as long as it is legitimate. I would not define myself as an extreme couponer, though I have been known to go a little nuts with baby formula coupons. I once bought 25 $4.99 bottles of Similac and used 25 $5 off coupons at Target. That said, I use coupons like most people. They make grocery shopping a little easier to manage.

Today, however was a first for me. I had a perfectly valid coupon rejected.

figoLast night, while fiddling on Facebook an ad for Figo! gelato popped up on the righthand side of the screen. It promised a buy one, get one deal at Wegmans. I like gelato. I like free. I like organic. I’m going to Wegmans anyways on Sunday. And, I’m a sucker with a wireless printer. So I clicked the ad and printed out the coupon (a version sans UPC is below):



IMG_0111Today, I picked up pints of salted caramel cafe and chocolatey duet. The other flavors didn’t really jump out at me (pistachio…meh) and I figured that The Kid might like the chocolate (Figo! is gluten free). When I checked out, my coupon was overruled by the register. She called for one of the floor managers who said that Wegmans does not accept buy one get one free coupons from the Internet.

Weird. I pointed out how the coupon actually said something about this deal being available at Wegmans on it.

No dice.

So, clearly Figo! went out and created a Facebook campaign to drive traffic for one of its retailers without checking out their policy on such things. I decided not to spend $9.98 on what amounts to a quart of gelato and had the cashier void the purchase.

So, what’s the lesson here? Is it that Figo! has a lousy marketing team running its promotions? Seems so. Is Wegmans’ policy on BOGO internet coupons restrictive? In the short term, yes. I wanted gelato. But, in the long run, it’s in their best interest to protect themselves. My guess is that this is reactionary and that they’ve been burned for a few dollars on scams.

Is this a higher power’s way of telling me to lay off the gelato?

Yeah. That’s probably it.


3 thoughts on “Grocery List: August 18, 2013 (or Couponomics)”

  1. FYI- I printed 2 of these same coupons and used them both at Wegmans without a problem. Found your blog while looking for another coupon

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