Gluten Schmuten: Cake Break, Rehoboth Beach, Del.

GLUTENSCHUMUTENGluten-free foods are expensive and their flavor profile, in many cases, is suspect. The Al Dente blog is going to work through the good and the bad from the perspective of a toddler who known for her picky eating and her parents. We’ll collect these, as well as the rest of our journey with The Kid’s Celiac disease diagnosis, under the Gluten Schmuten category tag.

The Wife and I were worried about the gluten-free accommodations on our trip to Rehoboth Beach, Del. We planned ahead, bringing just about everything we would need for the week and found a natural grocery that carried the basics in case we needed something.

But, we were not particularly sure what to do when the other kids got into something she could not have. The three-year-old mind can only hear “that has gluten” so many times before it breaks down. We have been taking small risks, particularly at ice cream stands. While most soft-serve is gluten free, the tips on the soft-serve ice cream dispensers often touch the cones. This slight cross-contamination can trigger all sorts of symptoms in a person with Celiac disease. We have been risking it this summer, including once during a trip to Kohr Bros. on the boardwalk.

Rehoboth Beach, being a more enlightened area than your average seaside getaway, offered more than we expected in terms of friendly food for people with nut, lactose and gluten issues. For instance, there was Cake Break on First Street.

Julie, seeking a diversion for all of the kids on the trip, picked up a decorate your own cupcake kit for each of the anklebiters. A frosted vanilla or chocolate cupcake came with an assortment of sprinkles, jelly beans, marshmallows and other items. One of the Cake Break’s 23 cupcake varieties is gluten free. Julie grabbed one for The Kid.

Let’s rewind a second. The Cake Break is a cupcake bakery located just off the main road in Rehoboth Beach. Their flavors range from the traditional cupcake bakery choices like red velvet, carrot cake and pumpkins, to oddities like their Miss Piggy (apple-flavored cupcake with a maple bacon icing and bacon sprinkles), and Black & Tan (Guinness stout cupcake with Bailey’s Irish Cream frosting). They also make a version of the B&T with a Jameson’s Irish Whisky filling.

One of the things Cake Break does is cater to an all-inclusive audience in terms of food allergies. The facility is nut free, and in addition to their gluten-free cupcakes, they also offer vegan (lactose-free) options. I imagine that the bulk of their business is special order for birthdays, weddings and the like. But, Cake Break’s storefront is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily on a stretch of road with a good deal of foot traffic, making it a magnet for passersby.

The Kid mauled her cupcake, as kids do. The texture and flavor are what you expect from gluten-free baked goods: a little gritty on the tongue, but the same basic cupcake flavor. It’s probably one of the better gluten-free baked items I’ve had.


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