Grocery list: July 21, 2013 (or Vacation Over)



More on the end of this vacation at a later time. I’m actually writing this on Saturday, as I am currently driving back from Rehoboth Beach, Del. My hope is that, when this item posts, we will be in Pennsylvania. I’m not particularly hopeful. The Kid’s sleeping has been erratic, at best, this week. She peaked on Tuesday by sleeping past 8 a.m. On Friday, she got back in the early moments of 6 a.m. Saturday? 5:30.

Naturally, this means that The Wife will have to wake her tomorrow. I’d like to get up and go or, at the very least, get up, be impatient, pack the car, pace around nervously, go, get gas and start driving. The six-hour ride will take us seven, easy. There will be frequent potty stops and I’m trying to time one around Trader Joe’s in Media, Pa.

Again, I’m not optimistic.

Today is the last full day of vacation here, which means that it was time to beer shop. As my southbound relatives and friends know, out-of-state travel means out-of-state beer for me. My $167 trip to Atlantic Liquors (tagline: The Greatest Liquor Store In The World) yielded:

  • a case and a 12-pack of Shiner Bock…the 12 is for me; the case for the husband of a former co-worker
  • a case of New Albion ale for my next door neighbor
  • two 30s of Schaefer and two 12s of Schlitz for my brother-in-law
  • a mixed case of sixes for me, including some Shiner, Yards Brewing, and 21st Amendment ales

This is about double what I hauled home last year. Got to love tax-free liquor and beer.

There will be content this week, probably starting tomorrow with reviews of some of our restaurant trips. As for the grocery list…oh, who knows? We’ll get some milk and yogurt. That’ll be enough for a day or two.


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