Grocery list: July 14, 2013


20130714-105921.jpgTrader Joes cooler bags do not have a capacity rating, but I’m pretty sure that 20 lbs. is the limit. Between 10 lbs. of meat and a equal amount of ice, we should be testing the limits of nylon. There’s no denier number, so I really don’t want to add anymore.

It’s vacation time.

The Wife, The Kid an I spent last night (our 11th wedding anniversary) at the Wegmans in Nazareth loading up on meat and groceries. Nonperishables come from up here, plus the new assortment of gluten free perishables and frozen food. The rest will come from a Safeway on Rehoboth Ave.

The car is loaded, though we are missing the people and the multitude of bags The Wife and The Kid need for a three-hour trip. We’re looking at one stop, probably a Wawa in Delaware, so that my peanut-bladdered child can make. And, as long as the Dramamine holds, that will be it.

A week in the steam and heat of the mid-Atlantic. With people I like, of course.

A quick note. It was my 11th wedding anniversary yesterday. The Wife and I celebrated with massages, dinner at Pastabilities (She requested outdoor dining) and drinks on the patio last Thursday night. It was good. She’s good. We’re good. Eleven years is good. And really, I think that in this world, that’s perfect.

Except that it’s better than good. And that’s what makes it worthwhile.


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