Grocery list: June 30, 2013


I’m not sure what The Wife was expecting, but the prospect of our first post-diagnosis road trip left her nervous. We had not been to our friends’ house in the Lehigh Valley in about a year. Work schedules and children have made what was once a bimonthly gathering more and more distant.

I think she was most nervous about The Kid’s propensity to vomit on car trips. Her car sickness is legendary amongst my friends. During last year’s drive to Rehoboth Beach, she vomited twice before we could even merge on  I-476 (a 25-minute drive from where we started).

We opted to move her carseat to the middle of my Honda Pilot’s backseat, hoping that she could focus better on things directly out the front window, rather than what was happening out of the side door windows.

Things were fine on the ride down until we opted to get off in Dickson City/Scranton to hit the very clean bathrooms at the Sheetz on Carbondale Highway. The combination of roadwork and a very tight horseshoe forced me to decelerate quickly and go into a hard right turn. The result was vomit, screaming and a 20-minute stop at said Sheetz.

But, that was the longest she has ever gone into a car ride without puking, so that’s a win. I totally blame PennDOT for this incident.

The ride home was clean. We stopped at the New York State welcome center just south of Binghamton to get out and let her walk around. We seem to be stretching her out nicely for our upcoming return to Rehoboth.

Because we came back today, I made an express trip to Wegmans for groceries. We’re going with a lot of basic meals this week — marinated sirloin, chicken with peach salsa, and a pork tenderloin. Tonight we had hot dogs. There will not be a lot of brain surgery in the kitchen this week.


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