Grocery list: May 26, 2013 (Memorial Day Weekend Edition)


My cup of Starbucks is empty, all 30 oz. of it coursing through the coffee processing plant that is my body. Thomas & Friends is chirping in the background, though The Kid has taken a break to go potty with The Wife. In the distance, The Wife is in negotiation with The Kid about coming back downstairs, and who will be joining me at Wegmans in a few minutes.

It’s a beautifully content morning her at Al Dente HQ.

The Wife’s birthday is on Tuesday, so we had a small gathering of well-wishers (actually just The Mother-In-Law came over since The Father-In-Law was sick) to consume seafood. It was the usual menu of splendor in celebration of The Wife, though I was a little disappointed in the clams. I expect a little sand in my clams when I buy them from Hinderwadel’s; it’s natural. This batch was disgusting. We probably tossed 15 clams last night because they were too sandy. We threw out about 5 to 10 that didn’t open.

Tonight, we gather with some friends for non-birthday related cheer and alcohol consumption. At some point before we leave, the plants have to go inside. The National Weather Service has issued a frost advisory for tonight, so my tender and vulnerable herbs and tomatoes have to go in. It could be worse. We could live in Lake Placid. Yikes.


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