Garden 2013: The beginning


My gardening woes have been documented at length on this website. Last year was particularly demoralizing when The Kid did a better job of it than I did.

This year, I decided to keep it simple: herbs and a few tomatoes.

Saturday’s trip to the Central New York Regional Market yielded the flowers and hanging baskets to decorate outside, as well as a handful of herbs. This year, we are going with parsley, basil, lemon thyme, cilantro, dill and rosemary. I also have a pack of roma tomatoes, that I will no doubt kill before harvesting any fruit.


I am certain that the cilantro will die before July and that the dill and thyme will explode and overgrow the entire box.

In the past, we have purchased plants from Chuck Hafner’s in North Syracuse. It was the farmstand of my youth and the plants were always hardy and productive. This is the first time that we bought direct from farmers at the market.


4 thoughts on “Garden 2013: The beginning”

  1. I’m doing herbs in planters on the rail of my patio. Two mints, and one each of thyme, basil, rosemary and chives. For some reason, chives and mint are a PitA to find in the local stores. I may get another planter and do cilantro, dill and another rosemary or chives.

  2. I can’t swing a cat without hitting mint up here. It keeps some insects away, but my father tells me that mint is impossible to kill. He rips it out of the planter, tosses it in the yard and it winds up regenerating on the surface.

  3. Cilantro will die before July because Cilantro grows, flowers, drops seed and dies in like 60-90 days. That’s what cilantro is supposed to do! Plant cilantro is successive plantings and harvest most of the leaves before it flowers. If it flowers, you can collect the seeds and replant or grind them in to coriander.

  4. I had been told by a local nursery that there is a bug indigenous to my region that feasts on cilantro leaves. I’ve never had a plant last more than 30 days.

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