Grocery list: May 19, 2013

IMG_2605I’m not an extreme couponer. I’m more like a coupon libertarian.

I think that coupons can have expiration dates, though I don’t like them. I think the issuer can make you buy two of an item to get $1 off, thought I don’t have to like that either. I don’t like this new trend of coupon limiting.

It happened a couple of weeks ago at Target. They had Chobani on sale for $1 apiece. I bought 10 and had 10 coupons (yeah printable coupons!). The Target register cut me off at four.

Today at Wegmans, the register started going haywire about halfway through the stack, making the cashier press buttons to override a message about exceeding a coupon limit. When I made a joke about the register not liking me, the cashier told me that it’s a new thing that forces them to approve coupons one by one after any shopper his $15 (I had $30 worth). 

This might prevent fraud. It more likely keeps stores from sustaining too much of an immediate cash loss, even though the fine print on the coupon says that they are reimbursed for the value plus 8 cents handling.

I get that there is a business to run and the business is to make money. But again, I don’t have to like it. Call me the Ron Paul of coupons.

Speaking of money, I did not win last night’s Powerball. That went to a single winner in Zephyrhills, Fla., a backwater northeast of Tampa. One ticket for $590.5 million. I forgot to check the tickets for any small prize winnings, which I will probably do tomorrow when I inevitably end up at Wegmans again.


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