Gluten Schmuten: EnviroKidz Peanut Choco Drizzle Crispy Rice Bars

GLUTENSCHUMUTENGluten-free foods are expensive and their flavor profile, in many cases, is suspect. The Al Dente blog is going to work through the good and the bad from the perspective of a toddler who known for her picky eating and her parents. We’ll collect these, as well as the rest of our journey with The Kid’s Celiac disease diagnosis, under the Gluten Schmuten category tag.

Granola bars make a nice on-the-run snack. The Kid doesn’t have the option of the run-of-the-mill chocolate chip granola bar anymore. Enter rice. Puffed crispy rice bars fill the void, but only some puffed crispy rice is gluten-free. Rice Krispies and similar products have malt involved or are manufactured in plants where wheat is present and may cross-contaminate.

Soooo, enter Nature’s Path. This Canadian-based company makes a number of healthy foods, including gluten-free rice bars under its brand and the EnviroKidz flag. From the best I can tell, EnviroKidz products use ingredients that were farmed in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly manner.

THE SELL: EnviroKidz organic lemur peanut choco drizzle crispy rice bars are truly delicious gluten-free crispy rice bars enhanced with peanut choco drizzle–enjoy the yummy taste of peanut and chocolate in every bite. Be sure, you will not have to lower your expectations even if you are eating a gluten-free, wheat-free snack bar. You do not have to settle for ordinary or tasteless gluten-free bars when Nature’s Path offers so much more–a pinch of this, a dash of that, but never anything artificial. This product contains no artificial additives, preservatives, or colors. Moreover, the USDA organic certification on this product means that the ingredients are grown without synthetic herbicides, pesticides, and nasty chemicals. It is a sacrifice-free way of enjoying a healthy delicious snack.

THE PACKAGE: A six-bar, 6 oz. box.

THE INGREDIENTS: Brown rice flour*, brown rice syrup*, honey*, peanut butter*, chocolate icing* (evaporated cane juice* (evaporated cane juice*, tapioca starch*), palm kernel oil*, cocoa*, natural flavors, soy lecithin*, sea salt), invert cane syrup*, roasted peanuts*, evaporated cane juice*, soy oil*, acacia gum*, sea salt, molasses*, tocopherols (natural vitaman E). *Organic.

THE STATS ON A SERVING: 1 bar has 120 calories, 4.5 grams of fat, 1g dietary fiber, 8g sugar and 2g protein.

THE COST: $3.49 at Syracuse Wegmans stores.

THE REPLACEMENT: Target chewy granola bars at $1.99 per six-bar box.

THE ADULT TASTE TEST: They are pretty sweet. I think that companies use a lot of sugar to mask unsavory flavors. They are pretty gummy too. They are like a really chewy Rice Krispies treat.

THE KID TEST: They don’t last long. It takes her a little longer to work through, due to the chewy factor, but otherwise they pass the test.

THE VERDICT: A keeper.



2 thoughts on “Gluten Schmuten: EnviroKidz Peanut Choco Drizzle Crispy Rice Bars”

  1. Check your rice Crispies. I think there are a couple types that the kids can eat. Let them pour all the sugar they want, as I heard a specialist say, there is no way a kid could pour as much sugar onto the cereal as most manufacturers pack in. Also remember, Chex is your friend. I know this has nothing to do with granola bars, but you’ll be surprised what concoctions you are to start making.

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